The need for speed

Just about EVERYTHING you deal with in life has china all over it

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I see difference in buying North American made products, or from most other countries, that happen to use China supplied parts, as opposed to just straight out dealing with a China company when one doesnt have to.

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There was a guy in the domed stadium thread who proposed this idea @Maaax , and he shared just one photo from an apparent a full gallery with a proposed artistic expedition rumoured to be called “Out on a Limb with Limbs,” but as word got out to my great uncle Ernst Blofeld, he was not amused and put a full stop to it.

We had to hide the commenter so as to spare his life of course.

Anyway, I apologize for any digression here whilst I enjoy my Haitian rum and diet ginger ale tonight.

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This is yet another fine comment with far more to it than meets the eye.

Here in Eastern Pennsylvania USA for example, I worked in a factory for awhile that took parts made in foundries in China and put them in machines to grind them to designated specifications. Poof, voila, “Made In USA!” :thinking: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Anyway, indeed there are plenty of shell games going on like usual.

I am a rum man myself and must say you have fine taste in rum if you are drinking Haitian rum. I love Barbancourt. Unfortunately they don’t sell any Haitian rum in Manitoba any longer.

That sounds yummy :yum:

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