The need for speed

is it really so important to travel between Edmonton and Calgary in 45 minutes?

Edmonton-Calgary train: TransPod secures funding for QEII hyperloop | CTV News

not to mention doing business with a Chinese company.

…is Canada at war with China? Pretty sure there’s boats and boats of stuff going there, coming here, daily…

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yeah, but no reason to do more. And with China being pro Russia and us not, it is not to far from war. Well, closer than otherwise anyhow.

I got fed up with China over the whole thing with that woman from Huawei and the two Michaels. I guess you could say that I am at war with China.


On this view I agree with you. They are not our friends as a few too many in the wrong seats have been trying extremely hard since especially 2008, when Beijing hosted the Summer Olympics, to fool us and make us believe.

Just because someone has a different political philosophy doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do business with them, in my opinion. That never stopped Canada or any other country before. And China hasn’t invaded anyone recently. If you followed that philosophy you would have to get rid of half of the stuff you own, including your smart phone. I am also guessing that they probably make the best trains in the world for the best price. There are no North American train manufacturers that can compete with Asian or even European train manufacturers, where train transportation is a huge part of their transportation systems.

I am kinda skeptical of the value for this...
They claim it will create jobs (I am assuming construction jobs because why would anyone commute between the cities???)

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I dont own a smartphone.

I’m guessing you’re retired then.

I wouldn’t be able to participate much in this forum if I didn’t have one. They’re not the be all and end all, but it is kind of nice to have a computer in the palm of your hand that has more computing power than the computer that sent us to the moon.

If you don’t want to do business with China you would still have to get rid of your car, assuming you have one of those. And your computer/laptop/tablet, so you would be out of this forum and the internet.

are there parts made in China in F150’s?

I was never going to own a smart phone at any age.

I have an old flip phone in my vehicle for pretty much emergency use only. Never wanted any more than that. Never wanted to carry a phone around with me.

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I get that. I was slow to convert. But there aren’t many jobs you can do in today’s world and still keep up with your personal commitments without a smart phone. And you can’t attend sporting events or concerts, in Winnipeg at least. That’s just how it is.

It’s my understanding that the precious metals that go into any computer product or automobile are overwhelmingly made in China. Catalytic converters, for example. That is why there is a theft epidemic of those.

events in winnipeg? How does that work in stopping you from going?

I think it’s more than that. Probably more like 80% of “stuff” has some link to China.


Yes. Lots. So no China, better get that bike ready to get around

If I had my choice, I would have a truck that is no different than 30 years ago. Not my choice they put all these stupid computer chips in. I told them, no gps, no ability for the vehicle, or anyone else, to take control of vehicle operations. I was dismayed when my wife told me she could start it from her phone. arrggg

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A whole lot of folks who claim to be smarter sure fix an awful lot that was either not broken or worked more easily, and these same folks sure have not fixed or improved much that remains broken.

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What used to be an experiment is now the only option. For the events I mentioned, including Bombers or Jets games, it is no longer possible to print tickets online, they must be downloaded to your phone. I am not sure if there is anything that can be done for the few who don’t have smart phones, but at best it would involve a personal trip to the box office with ID prior to the game to get your ticket. I know a couple of people without smart phones but they go to games with one of their children and use their smart phone. Until a couple of years ago the Bombers issued a swipe card to season ticket holders but they no longer issue those.

Most bikes are made in China and the few who are not tend to use Chinese parts to assemble in America

Unless you plan to live off the grid you can not escape China

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LoL :laughing:
So basically what you’re saying is we have to be nude and living in the forest somewhere eating grass in order to avoid any products that are affected by China :laughing:


Mrs Grover and I have a old hand me down cell phone(I-5) from the kids that we just use as a phone and maybe the odd picture when out and about.
We still have our regular phone at home in the kitchen


I think some clothing still comes from India / Pakistan / Sri Lanka or Vietnam
So nudism is not totally necessary

Or are we excluding them for logistics? (made in South Asia, shipped to China, then bulk shipped to Vancouver)

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