The necessary evil that has not been mentioned... Ugghh!!

No one has really mentioned it...

But we all know the evil that may be necessary to make the playoffs...

That's right... you all know it...

We're all just afraid to say it...

Yeah, we need to control our own destiny, but we know we may need help...

So let's start the cheer...

Let's Go... Ready??

I know, I know, but we must do what's necessary know matter how evil

Just make sure you shower hard afterward...Here we go...

Let's go AR...

Ughhh... Let's go AR...

Oh jeez, this is tough... Let's go ARG...

Ah, screw it, they ain't winnin' anyways...


ROFL :smiley: :thup:

I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.......................... :lol:

Can't do it. I'm hoping for WPG to lose out and then it doesn't matter what the Eskimos do.

Sadly it's a fact. An Edmonton loss is what we need.

But we still don't have to cheer for the blue team, we can just really really really boo the Eskies. That shall suffice.


Hey its just like my kids BMFA ARGO team...I cheer go Agro's ..Go Afro's...Go Blue...anything but sell my soul to Leo Cahill and chant go ar...good god no

You could try "Let's go Argho's!" that's pretty close and still sort of making fun of them at the same time :smiley:

How about rather than cheer for the blew team we just boo them less than the smoes?

Works for me :slight_smile:


Thank you!
Glad someone did their homework :lol:

That was pretty funny.
Yeah, I don't think I could bring myself to cheer for them under any circumstances.

Cats fan:

   Great post.....gotta be the post of the month. <!-- s:lol: -->:lol:<!-- s:lol: --> 
   But I hope no Tiger-Cat fan will ever ( no matter how bad things are!)  get desperate enough to even [b]think about[/b] something that evil.

WELL! THEY LOST...... Now we are really on our own!!!

I truely believe we can't beat WINNIPEG in their park. They will be super fired up! And we do not have that killer

But if we beat SASK. we might be able to slip in the back door. ( EDM=16, CATS=16)= playoff for Cats :cowboy:

and then, the week after, meet them once again
in the semi-final playoff game back in Winterpeg

where you truely believe yada yada yada

It’s 6 of 1 or a half dozen of the other.

Not a favourable scenario.

If they can’t beat Winnipeg on the road what’s the use in going back for the rematch. Just mail in the points and let the Bombers go to Montreal for the East Final.

Winnipeg is hardly a scary place to play. Their fans bale on most playoff games if it's anywhere close to cool and breezy out, so the stadium is usually half empty, plus I would put my money on Kevin Glenn way before Bishop. I see the Cats in the Big O later in November.