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apparently marty has caught on to what i mentioned one week ago. that is that the commish will meet or has met with the mayor re. the obstacles facing the return of football to ottawa. well the commish DID meet with the mayor. also, BILL PALMER is back on the scene to start up talks to ressurect the ottawa rough riders and DAN RAMBO and BILL PALMER are acquaintances. let your imaginations run wild from there.

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I'd rather not. I've gotten my hopes up a couple of times too many from the point that they announced that the team was for sale. Don't mistake that for a lack of interest on my part, I'm just tired of being disappointed.

That said, the press release from last month only said that Palmer had walked away for 2008. It didn't say that Palmer had walked away FOR GOOD and Palmer himself hasn's said a thing. So I can understand where you're drawing your opinion from.

But they did talk about pursuing "new opportunities" and the same Marty York took Cohon to task a little bit for trying to cater to his (Cohon's) buddies. So there's some contradiction there.

Any links to the articles that this info came from?

ottawa has run its course the fans are not behind it nobody wants to jump out and take charge of the situation . really how hard is it really why are talks months apart nothing gets done that way .. .... let it rest for awhile

and let the rough riders name die why would you want to start off with contraversy and head aches they need to start from scratch . the past is the past the future is where they should concentrate on

Hey at least they're talking. That's important. Keep the dream alive. When they stop talking is when I'll really be worried.

They have to keep at this and keep it in the news. Eventually somebody will wake up and smell the coffee and take the initiative to see that Ottawa gets the facilities and solid ownership it deserves.

If they do it right this time it will be good thing, even if it takes several more years.