the national media and Edmonton

I'm sure everyone's all heard about Chris Pronger. And how the Oilers are going to lose all their free agents for next year. Or how now Craig Mactavish is going to leave Edmonton as well(reported by sportsnet this morning).

TSN and sports net, both based out of Ontario are always reporting negative S*** about Edmonton! How about the fact that Edmonton was awarded a WHL expansion franchise, that just came out today, how come no one's reporting that?

I'm sick and tired of the media, all negativity towards edmonton, and nothing positive.

....I heard that the Oil mgmt did not pick up the option year on Craig's salary, but it was so that they could negotiate a longer deal.....

....congrats on the WHA team is great hockey and there will be some instant rivalries with the Hitmen and the Rebels.....


...... :oops: ......what the hell was I thinkin?!?!....

Hey esk123, The only good things are those that happen in the perceived center of the universe also known as toronto. If it doesn't happen there, it's not an issue or any good. That goes for live broadcasts as well.

You've been brainwashed by reading too many KK posts R&W... :lol: