The NAIFL in canada

the web site has not been updated in a very long time. is the league still going on?


What's the website address?

i'd like it to begin and last for a few seasons, then meaged with the Arena League and bring it's rules into it cuz some sound cool.

Thanks for the address :wink:

Just went to the site and they said their first season was this year!...Did I miss something?

WTF is that league ! lol... The "Montreal Machete"?... With a typo in the name? And what are those names anyways? They are even worse than that of the late XFL... Wouldn't you just love to cheer for the Ottawa Omega? lol...

Yeah, I agree, the s***iest names I have heard, but OH! I'm going to enjoy chreeing for the Winnipeg WAR!!! not.

Hense why I want it to meaged with the AFL so the AFL can take in the new better rules (3 downs, penilty kicks) and get rid of the really bad one (Slam dunk TD's WTF is that!!!).

12 teams, I bet the cfl would kill for that.......

it's to die for, or from

this league willn't last long.

They Want To Expand To 14, Talk About Your Pipe Dreams. There's Openings For GM Position Of A Few Teams.

not gonna last long… (shaking my head)

Just tried the link ... got a page saying, "the site you are trying to view has been suspended due to non-payment."

That's a good sign ...

WHAT DID I TELL YOU!?! :smiley: :lol: 8)

but the rules were cool, and the game was in meters!

Sounds like poor management to me