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oval racing is boring as all hell to me. no offence guys. F1 is the pinnacle of open wheel racing.

i totally respect the speed, bravery and skill needed for oval but it’s unwatchable for me. 2 laps in and i want to do something else.



Ayrton Senna…Monaco…May 1990…



F1 is the pinnacle of rear engine formula car racing. I would agree with that. I have yet to see one these great road racers handle Darlington, however…

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hah yea i love that one too. Hamilton and Senna are my favorite drivers ever.

And suddenly I realised that I was no longer driving the car consciously, I was driving it by a kind of instinct, only I was in a different dimension
Aryton Senna

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why would they want to?

ovals suck! lol /s

if Alonso would get a decent indy car and team, i’m sure he could do the triple crown.

admittedly i know it takes a different kind of driver to do the ovals. the steering and handling is completely different (wheel is locked i a turn position).

Because they’re chicken $#!+ running close to those walls…

meh. maybe Grojean lol

in all seriousness i don’t want to knock indycar because it’s insane and the speeds are ridiculous. it’s a differnet kind of racing.

I literally watched Danny Sullivan have to be coached around Talladega by a few NASCAR drivers at reduced speed for an IROC race one year…Oval racing is its own discipline as is road racing. Street parades can be sent out to sea and sunk…

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i don’t even watch monaco anymore.

I knock Indy car because it allowed itself too become a repository for F1 rejects, F1 wannabe’s, and, f1 never-will-be’s. With a schedule of street parades to mask its relative unpopularity because of the bad choices it made years ago…I’d rather watch a World of Outlaw race from Williams Grove or Port Royal speedway anyway…


It is kinda funny but Nascar is moving the other way from Indy somewhat. They race the Roval at Charlotte, they race the road course at Indy, Sonoma, Watkins Glen, COTA, and the street course in Chicago.

Too bad the Xfinity series cut the Montreal race though - that used to be a festival of flying bodywork and wrecks but it was fun as heck to watch.

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Permanent, natural terrain road courses are one thing…No problem with them at all…The CART approved* NASCAR Chicago Manhole Dodging Street Jamboree can eff right off…


Well, lots of motorcycle racing to watch anyway. Superbike, MotoGP, and Fox Sports Racing is carrying American flat track now. All the great old tracks Volusia, Springfield, all the 100+ year old places. Just need someone to pick up Speedway racing now…


News here via Mean Titanium Ted @Tedtanium1976 about RedBird investing in Formula One:


Senna Documentary, Again and Nigel Mansell Documentary

As well done as was the film released in 2011, I am certainly looking forward to this one much as also a return to a better competition than we have had since 2019 for Formula One.

For those of you who have access to Sky via the UK or otherwise, and hopefully it’s not long before we see it somewhere in the US or Canada and not on Pirate Sports Network though they do a good job sometimes, I am also looking forward to this one about Nigel Mansell.

In his later years I was in attendance at the 1993 Indianapolis 500, in which he participated as a “rookie” and finished third, with Mansell considered a “rookie” a great inside joke. He won Rookie of the Year for the race and went on for one more season in Indy Car.

This was also in those days when Indy Car was far more competitive and a better spectacle until they pooped the bed with the second schism between the new Indy Racing League and CART for the 1996 race.

The Indianapolis 500 was never the same after that split effective 1996. Below is a related article on that front as well, and of course several books have been written and some documentaries have been produced with regards to that event that changed Indy Car for the worse.


Kyle Larson is , simply put, one the best drivers in the world right now.

Wins the Knoxville nationals in dominant fashion last night and races in the Cup race on the road course at Indy this afternoon.

A modern day A.J. Foyt!!!

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He is amazing…dirt or pavement.

So is Harvick. He has been driving with broken ribs since June. During the break he took his son to race go carts in Italy and fell on some stairs. A single rib is bad, a bunch of ribs is no fun at all. Reminds me of Dale Earnhardt racing at The Glen with a broken clavicle and sternum…

More on Larson…

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Isle of Mann TT time again…Motorcycles are crazy enough but the sidecars, with about 3" of suspension.
Just amazed more “monkeys” don’t get checked out. They can’t see where they are except by looking behind them. And getting chucked around by running those speeds on public road.

Dunlop has the weight of chasing his uncles record lifted at last by winning the opener. Pretty amazing just to survive long enough to win that many races.