The Motorsports and Racing Thread

I follow F1, Nascar, MotoGP, Indycar, American Flat Track, Isle of Man Tourist Trophy, and many more forms of racing and motor sports.

I know there are a few other fans here too so I thought I would start a thread so you can share what you like and whats going on.

Tonight is a really cool event for Nascar’s as the resurrected North Wilksboro Speedway hosts the Nascar All Star race. One of Dale Sr.'s favorite tracks and a place where Nascar’s roots run deep as its one of those tracks Moonshiners built and went from running 'shine to racing.

Next week is “Racing’s Longest Day” starting with F1 at Monoco, the Indy 500, and The Coca-Cola 600.

Since I found a channel that carries it I’m so excited for the Isle Of Man TT Races in June. Truly one of the most insane but exciting motorcycle racing events. Ride along for a lap and tell me it isn’t…2018 Isle of Man Senior TT - On board Full Lap with Peter Hickman Commentary - YouTube


i only follow F1 usually but i haven’t this year as much. Monaco GP will be a train with very little passing. the course isn’t particularly suitable for modern F1 machinery. but still a cool race.

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I would bet that with a little work they could design some retro cars with modern safety that could race for real at historic courses.

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I’m more of a midget, sprint car ( the USAC Silver Crown race from Belleville Saturday night was AWESOME!!!) , Supermodified kinda guy…

The stuff at Wilkesboro is cool, however, I was more interested in what was happening at Indy…

True that next week is the greatest day in racing for the year…About 1300 mils of racing all day long…

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The All Star race Sunday was a bit - not exciting. Would have been far better had teams been able to test at North Wilsboro more.

Anyone else watching RevTV? Tons of racing. They broadcast a ton of Canadian events. Tonight they have late model racing from Innisfil Ontario. There is also the Courdery Endouro on late nigh early morning and Dirt racing from Saskatoon and Super Formula, the fastest open wheel racing next to F1. Then there’s tractor pulling, World Superbike, Formula E, it just doesn’t end.

FS1 has changed a bunch as well. They have been airing a documentary called Dirt:The last great American Sport, American Flat track motorcycle, American Superbike racing, NHRA and more. They still broadcast a lot of junk but theres more racing on than there used to be.


Yeah…Kyle Larson basically stomped the field at Wilkesboro. I heard that they actually detuned the engines for that track?? If so, it assisted in making it dull…

Lately I’ve been tuning into GForce TV on Youtube. Lot’s of regional pavement late model and dirt modified and sprint car stuff from Southern Ontario. Last Fridays season opener at Ohsweken already has over 20,000 views…

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Car control and not wearing out the tires…kinda sounds like dirt track racing…

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That’s where Larson came from…He still does some World of Outlaw and USAC stuff on his off weekends and during the week…

Last nights episode of Dirt! was a doc about Larson at the Chili Bowl. Really good.

I would love to see them revive the “swapping paint” series - it was really cool to see guys in cars from other series in different cars. I think the last one I saw was Lewis Hamilton and Tony Stewart. Stewart was the amazing guy there, beat Hamilton’s time setting up his F1 car by a couple 10ths at Watkins Glen. Even Hamilton was quite impressed.


Well…lots of excitement in the first two races today. Nobody in the pits in F1 believed it was raining until they got soaked which caused some mayhem and chaos.

And Newgarden gets his mug on the Borg Warner after a one lap shootout at the end of the Indy 500.

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No sooner and the Coke 600 get rained out until tomorrow. SB interesting as no one has turned a wheel in practice because its been raining…

oh man i thought Alonso was gonna turn back the clock and bag another Monaco win. i don’t like red bull.

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One more lap…the rain threw a wrench in almost everyones day but his. His team put him on intermediates before the rain and he made up a lot of ground…

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Estaban Ocon had an amazing drive today.

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It was more exciting than most Monacco races for sure. Lots of drivers pissed off at their teams for not putting on some kind of rain tires and one really really pissed at having to make a second stop to put them on. Cant remember who but he stopped two laps in a row and was furious…

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