The Motherlode of Tiger Cat history must look!

I just ran across this stuff and was floored........absolutely astounded !.....I never knew such a collection of treasured photos existed anywhere outside a museum....This stuff is jaw-dropping.

[url=] ... TigerCats#[/url]

(after you check out the Tiger-Cat album, browse the rest of his collections...especially the Grey Cup album......Wow!! )


Alot of memories. And theres one from way back at the HAAA grounds. Wow is right. :smiley:

What a find! History.
Thanks to Larry..whoever he is. :thup:

One could say...."Hats off to Larry"

Are these not just screencaps from the CFL Traditions DVD's? Not that there is anything wrong with that.

I suspect some are definately stills taken off video from some place.......but the thing is that most of us don't have the "some place" to begin with :wink:

This is a wonderful project the guy made available for every fan of the CFL.

My favourite shot is the front of Civic Stadium with the hot dog cart right where the North stands are presently.

I love taking peeks back into history. Here's how bad I am. I recently cycled the rail trail from around Stonechurch Rd. all the way down to Wentworth St. steps in the city. So after riding around town for awhile, I took on the challenge of carrying my mountain bike up the 500 stairs......well, it took me over an hour because I kept jumping off the steps to study the old evidence that is still there from the ancient Wentworth Street Incline......and by the way, after doing that climb up the steps, I'm all for getting a brand new incline railway built. :wink:

(for those who don't know what the Wentworth St. Incline was, here's a great was like a ferry that went up and down the side of the mountain.....there were actually three in Hamilton at various points along the escarpment)

umm.. popcorn cart. W/roasted chestnuts too! yum yum

(I wonder if fans were permitted into the stadium with the popcorn bought from the cart)

"Most" fans dont have the Cats' CFL Traditions on video ? :roll:

I'd bet a whole lotta people do and recognized the "photos" as the vid caps. I did.

Man..this is awesome!!
Love the civic stadium shots.

Great find!! Thanks deerhunter!

Neat eh ? :slight_smile: ......I'm such a wimp when it comes to historical stuff like me, it's like magic and I instantly picture myself back in those times and what it must have been like....

My girlfriend is constantly remarking on my sense on wonderment when it comes to history.....she says she loves the sparkle in my eye when I discuss stuff like that....

I go particularly "wrangy" when I find 10,000 year old native artifacts/arrowheads in the plowed fields around my home..........that's a thrill that can't be bought at any cost..... 8)

History is cool !! :rockin:

very cool!

Yes. They're not photos.

Deerhunter: Thanks for the football photos, and for the incline RR photos. I live in Edmonton now (for 20 yrs), and grew up in Hamilton, and I just love those historical shots. My Mother's family lived in a house at the top of Wentworth St. just after the war, very close to where the incline started. Just love Hammer history. Thanks man!!

Man those pictures are totally awesome. I love seeing the History behind this team. Way to go who ever put those together.

Oskee Wee Wee

And aside from history, here's a great poster which shows 20 of our most prominent city waterfalls.......

I always send this link far and wide to people who think Hamilton is a grimy, dirty industrial city.......then I challenge them to show me any city who has this kind of stuff within it's city limits.....there are actually more than 120 waterfalls....

[url=] ... ring-1.jpg[/url]

Gald to see you're still proud of your home town "johnnya" :rockin: