The Mostly Still Active Ex-TiCats Playoff Depth Chart
Marsh and Melo?
Could a team full of - mostly - still active ex-#Ticats win a #GreyCup?

Good job Grover.

It wasn't from me, It's from the TSN 1150 guys. And yes it is a pretty good job! 8)

That's quite the depth chart . Interesting to note that 21 of the players listed on it were all on our 2014 team that almost won the Grey Cup :o :'(.

And a lot of those players were brought onto that team and even the League by Kent Austin. 8)

The same Kent Austin posters want run out of town? Say it ain’t so??

Not sure if they'd win a grey cup but we would be about 3 million over the salary cap.

Just a few omissions on that chart , you could also add on and include the likes of Brandon Rutley-rb , Troy Davis-de , Matt Bucknor-db , Mitchell Gale-qb , Louie Richardson-de ,Hugh O'Neill-k , Marcel Young-db , Rory Kohlert-wr , Chris Getzlaf-wr , Ivan Brown - dl , Brett Maher -k , Kyrie Hebert-lb , Brandon Stewart-db .

You add these 13 additional guys on to the existing Depth chart listing of 43 players and you would have enough players to field a regulation 46 man game day roster and still have enough players left for a 10 man Practice Roster . :o

A great job putting that chart together.
Chad Rempel, still active in WPG, should be on it replacing Kevin Scott who hasn't played since 2014.

And a partridge in a pear tree! ?