The Most Unpredictable Year Yet

I had to do a post about this

This has been one of the most random and unpredictable years i can remeber for a while

At the beggining of the year i thought the Alouettes were goin to run away with the grey cup after they destroyed the Stamps Eskimos and Riders but then they faced us and looked human only scoring 20 points and then Edm actually beating them

In the west I thought that the Riders wer going to run away with the division and but then they lost to the Alouettes and its kinda been average since then

The eskimos I thought wer going to be 1 of the worst teams in the league after gettting Destroyed in back to back weeks but now they sit on top of the West

and Hamilton i dont understand how we lost to the Argos after that game I was think here we go again but then we came out and beat B.C and Peg then gave the Als a hard time

I just don't no how to predict games anymore and i like it that way (as long as the Cats are winning im a happy man)

At the moment i have no clue who will go to the grey cup maybe Montreal and Edmonton again mayb Hamilton and the Riders i just don't know?

Couldn't agree more. I've been saying this all along. It's the hardest year to pick a winner.

Some surprises yes (pleasant ones, I might add) but after only a few games, matchups and out-of-the-gate preparedness can skew things quite a bit. Over the course of the season, the cream should still rise to the top.