The most sucessful teams in CFL history

Ultimately, I have to say that this would be the Edmonton Eskimos, Toronto Argonauts and Hamilton. The Winnipeg Blue Bombers and Montreal Alouettes are not far behind historically, as overall franchises. Say what you want about them, but the Edmonton Eskimos have been the most dominant force in the CFL since 1971, even counting last year. As much as it pains me to admit it, Toronto has the most Grey Cups. Hamilton (I'm going only with the Tigers and the Tiger-Cats on this one) boasts 13 Grey Cups, if you look at that as one continuous team. Hamilton football teams won championships every decade of the 20th century in some form, at any rate, so that's a point for consistency.
Realistically, Saskatchewan, Calgary and B.C. are not at the level as these other teams, though overall Calgary and B.C. may have seen their most dominant times in the last 15 years.
I'm sure a lot of people can lend points into this debate. Every team has had their moments of glory.
Unfortunately, Hamilton isn't in that situation currently.

The only other team to do that, in all of professional sports (though I assume it’s limited to North America), is the venerable Montreal Canadiens …

Sadly your list sounds pretty accurate to me (I say sadly because I hate the eskimos more than any other team in pro sports). But I don’t think you can group Calgary and BC with Saskatchewan … (sorry Rider fans!) I’d stick Ottawa, Montreal, Calgary and BC all into the same group. Historically, Hamilton and Toronto are better than Edmonton, but those three probably belong in the same group, too. Winnipeg belongs in between those two groups, and Saskatchewan … is only above the American teams :stuck_out_tongue:

Not sure how you cant list Winnipeg above Hamilton. 3rd in Grey Cups, tied for first with Edmonton at 22 Grey Cup appearances...

Since 1921, when Edmonton first competed for the Grey Cup, no team has won more or appeared in more Grey Cups. Torontos first 2 Grey Cup wins occurred prior to the Eskimos existance so if you are comparing the 2 teams any comparison prior to 1921 is unrealistic.

Bottom line is since their beginning, no team compares with the Green and Gold. If you chose a modern timeline, the CFL modern era began in 1954 and again, no team compares with the Eskimos.

What kind of logic is that?
Since 1921 and their first appearance??????

They were formed in 1910!!!!!

If Halifax forms a team in 2008 and wins in 2015 will you then say they are the greatest because no-one has won since their first appearance?

Baltimore joined the league in 1995 and won the cup in 1996......Would it have been correct to say that in 1996 they were the greatest team. You could say they have the highest appearance percentage....100% and winning percentage 50% than any other team.....does that make them the best in history?

Why not look at the most wins since 1990? It would be Toronto with 4.

You could say that since Montreal has appeared in 5 of the 7 cups since 2000 they are the greatest team of this century!

The point is you can look at something and come up with all kinds of way to get the answer you want.

Bottom line is, you can split hairs all you want about who had the best amateur rugby team, until you are blue in the face. The Grey Cup was not awarded to the CFL until 1954. If we are talking about who is the greatest "CFL" franchise, it is the Eskimos, no question. They have never been a powerhouse in amateur rugby, but there is no doubt they are the most successfull CFL franchise.

The point is that prior to 1921, the Grey Cup was competed for exclusively by Ontario Rugby clubs. The question is who is the greatest CFL team, not what city has won the most Grey Cups.

Deny the truth all you want, but since the Grey Cup became the CFL Championship trophy in 1954, no CFL team can match Edmontons record.

I am with CFLesks fan on this one Ro, I believe you are the guy twisting the question to suit your needs.

HISTORY >> Grey Cup
In 1909, Earl Grey, the Governor-General of Canada, donated a trophy for the Rugby Football Championship of Canada. The trophy, which subsequently became known as the Grey Cup, was originally open to competition only for teams that were registered with the Canada Rugby Union. Since 1954 only the teams of the CFL have challenged for the Grey Cup.

And since the title of the thread was "The most successful teams in CFL history", I'm still at a loss as to how ro could have been confused. If he wants to start a thread as to who was the greatest Ontario amateur rugby team or the greatest Canadian amateur rugby team, then he would have a point. The Grey Cup is much older than the CFL. And the Eskimos have been the best run, most successful CFL team.

Yes it really seems that Ro was a bit mixed up here!

But as much as it pains me as a Stamps fan the Eskimos have the title for this thread. It has been a bad year for the Edmonton fans so give them this one :lol: The Ryan Smith trade, missing the playoffs (both Oilers and Eskimos). :lol:
Anything to cheer them up!

from 83 to 93 the Blue Bombers were a very strong team. They appeard in 5 Grey Cups and won 3 in 84.88, and 90. The bombers lost in 92 and 93 due to Quarterback injuries.

And lets not forget the 1990 Grey Cup blow out where the Blue Bombers destroyed the EDMONTON ESKIMOES 50 to 11.


And exactly how many Grey Cups have the bummers won in the 17 years since 1990? I didn't think so. If it weren't for the riders and their astonishing 18 year streak without winning jack squat, it would really suck to be a bummer fan.

That is the statement I am refering to......
He is only concidering the years from the first appearance in the grey cup. I am saying that the eskies were formed in 1910 and those 10 years should be included in the equasion!

I am also refering to his statement that 2 of the cups that Toronto won should not count because they were won before EE existed. That logic is invalid because if you want to use it, you have to say that the Stalions are the greatest team because all of the other cups were won when they did not exist!

Since 1954 only the teams of the CFL have challenged for the Grey Cup.
If you chose a modern timeline, the CFL modern era began in 1954 and again, no team compares with the Eskimos.

Did he not answer you Ro! :lol:

What you don't seem to understand or you don't wish to acknowledge is that prior to 1921, teams outside of Ontario could not compete for the Grey Cup and prior to 1954 the CFL(it only became the CFL in name in 1958), did not not exist. I am open to the suggestion that prior to 1954 the Argonauts and many teams morphed into forming the CFL and therefore are legitimately CFL predecesors. What I am saying is that the Grey Cup was not a National Championship in any form prior to 1921 because only Ontario teams could compete.

Then how come Calgary Won the Grey Cup in 1948?

And Regina a number of times competed for it before 48?

The Grey Cup was donated to the CFL before 1954, even IF it only was CFL teams after 54.. it doesn't matter.

The Grey Cup is still the Grey Cup! and it started in 1909 not 1954.

Edmonton fans always use 1954 crap as an excuse to say they've won the Most Grey Cups..

when in reality they haven't.

Nowhere did I say the Eskimos have won the most Grey Cups, can you not read or do you chose not to. The title of this thread is "The most successful teams in CFL history". The CFL did not exist in any form prior to 1954 but I am ready to concede that prior to that year the Grey Cup was in fact a National Championship. Prior to 1921 that was not the case. Is that so difficult to comprehend?

Setting the parameters for this debate is a legitimate part of the discussion.
Using significant reference points, such as the "modern era" or the "CFL era" are fine.
and the thread title was, about successful CFL teams, and as there was no CFL before 1954, then knock yourselves out.
In that scenario, it is pretty tough to deny the 'Smoes their place in the sun.
34 years consecutively in the play-offs, 13 Grey Cups, which is about one every 4 years, is pretty dominating.
Measuring success in other ways, such as financial stability and fan support, the 'Smoes do quite well also.

But if you open up the debate outside those parameters, you do not then get to pick and choose.
If you allow pre-CFL to count, it is not fair to then deny the Argos their first 2 victories just because poor old Edmonton was not allowed to play.
The CFL does not allow lots of teams to play for the Cup today, so how do you determine legitimacy based on who can't play?
If the CFL expands to Halifax, does that reduce the credibility of previous winners, because previously, it was not a "national championship" because the Maritimes have not been represented?
I don't think so.

So while the thread purports to be about the "modern CFL era", some posters have tried to open up the debate to the entire history, but then discount the parts they don't like.
Set your parameters and stick to them.
Having said that, it was a huge milestone when the West was let in the door, but there have been numerous milestones along the way, and arguably, it has only been since 1972 that the league and its play-off format of today has existed.
And I suggest that trying to separate out all the various milestones along the way would defeat the purpose of this thread.