The Most Improved Alouettes in 2009

The number 1 slot for the most improved player has to be Chip Cox. In 08 he was borderline at defensine half back- he incured a lot of penalties and was victimized on several long passes thrown his way. In 09, he was shifted to the line backer slot and excelled. He was a tackling demon and was effective against the pass. He had a great season. In addition, he seemed to be always around the ball and, scored a couple of defensive touchdowns. 09 was Cox's year.

In second spot,is Adrian McPherson. He was a great third down runer and, in the time he was alloted first team QB role he demonstrated excellent passing and rushing. In 09 he emerged as AC's hier to be and, demonstrated his status as a confident and proficient QB.

Third on the most improved list is Shea Emery. In just his second year he showed that he owned the middle linebacker slot.

Forth on this list is Brian Bratton. Up to 09 Bratton was a sometimes receiver and sometimes kick returner. In the latter part of the season, and especially in the Grey Cup, Bratton has to be one of the first string guys. At times his pass catching was sensational and in the Grey Cup I was very impressed by his kick returning. On one play upon receiving a kick he demonstrated his strength by plowing through wave after wave of SAsk defenders. Bratton from day one has to be counted as a go to guy, especially should he have Terry Watkins in the long receiver role.

Fifth, one has to go with Erik Wilson- a two way tackle. He showed tons of spirit on defense and, I believe he hauled in a TD pass. Sixth is Luc Brodeur, a 6th round pick from Laval who got a starting line up position due to anothers injury. He has to emerge as a starting lineman in 10.

Finally I give the sixth slot to Matt Proulx who made 4 interceptions and 29 tackles. It is only his propensity to injury that has kept him out of the limelite on defense. Last on this list is HuckLack who is employed on long snapping. In 09 , however I believe he was a great special teams player. In addition he did get to play on defense at times and was right in the thick of things. I recall his one interception which he ran in for a TD. In summary, all of the Als played above par, but the above mentioned players, in my opinion, were the standouts in 09. I welcome other suggestions.

Can't disagree with any of those selections. Great post.

Chip Cox
Shea Emry
Brian Bratton

I don;t want to be negative, but would it not be logical for the player to be most improve, it would be playing the same position? Emry is a surprised but he did not improve since he did not start at MLB, same for Cox, Bratton that works.
Anyway just a thought.

It1s a great list, the only player I would possibly add is John Bowman, who seemed to become a more consistent pass rusher.

John's a great choice for sure.

Gotta express my approval and admiration for all pics on this post.

Chip Cox was a MONSTA last year…easily my favourite linebacker.

AD’s somebody’s QB of the NEAR future. Hopefully Les Oiseaux.

Emry surprised at middle linebacker…can only get better after a fine sophomore year.

Bratton is the Als insurance policy at receiver. Any of the 1000 yardmasters go down and watch him fly!

Eric Wilson is the heart of our D-Line. Run defense suffers terribly when he’s out. A Beast with ATTITUDE!

I met Matt Proulx at Dollarama last summer. C’mon guys! Let’s pay this guy a bit more, keep him out of the poorhouse!
No lawyer jokes please!
Mathieu has a great sense of humour and a great attitude. Let’s hope he sticks around a while longer!

I too have noticed that the run defense really suffers without Wilson. He clogs up the middle and forces O-linemen into double teams that let the rush ends fly to the football.

Proulx really showed me last season that he deserves the starting safety spot. Durability is the only issue. I love his football sense and ability to read and react. He's not quite as much of an athlete as Boulay (not as fast, for one) but he reads the field better and hits like a freight train.

Just found out that the two league leaders in forced fumbles this past season were none other than our own Chip Cox and John Bowman with 5 each. :rockin:

Just look at Wilson's work in the second to last offensive play of the Riders in the Grey Cup, he single handeldly stopped Cates while being held by a riders o lineman, that is what Wilson brings to the table, he is key to that line.

I noticed that play too, and the funny thing is that Cuthbert mentioned Anwar Stewart instead of Wilson on the play! I really think Wilson flies under the radar because he doesn't get a lot of sacks from his position and he's not quick and agile like the rest of the line. He's just a bulldozer who constantly faces double teams but whose work often goes unrecognized.

I loved that play, he fought through his lineman to shut Cates down and force Sask into a second and long situation.

Exactly, the guy dies not get the sack, but he gets extra attention that gives Stu and Bowman room to do their job, and he fills that gap against the un nicely. Chip cox said earleir in the season the key player on that D was Wilson, from that moment i paid closer attention to Wilson's play, and yeah he is key in our defense.

And we haven't even mentioned the extra work he does in offensive short-yardage situations, lining up as a tight end. He even caught a TD pass from Chris Leak! :lol:

True and he also can play O lineman, which is a feat in itself.

I was glad with the news that Matt Proulx will play at least one more year with the Als. I hope he can evade the injury bug this year and has an all star season in the CFL.