The most important home stand in team history ?

Since their rebirth, this may be the most important pair of home games the team has played. So far in the last few seasons, every time the team had an opportunity to regain fan confidence, they would lay an egg at home. This pair of home games is an opportunity for the team to turn this around. Should they drop these, even one of these two games. They will sit at 3-7 coming off labour day, their season over, their GM/HC lame and media and fans closing the books as they turn to hockey.

They are 2 significant games. East division race is open and they have a chance to get everyone back on their bandwagon.

The thing is you never know what you are going to get with this team and particularly Glenn. I can`t remember the last time I felt confident of an Als victory.

As an aside, I never considered Nichols a very good QB, but so far he is proving me wrong. So c`mon Als prove me right tonight!

Go Als Go!

Got myself a quarter pounder of free tickets for tonight's game (does that even make sense) well i got 4 tickets going with the fam. Should I actually bet that we will win tonight?

Montreal by:

1 to 6
7 to 12
13 to 18
19 to 24
25 more.....

Could we continue from last week? I dunno but it can be done.

I agree that this homestand is huge for the team. Win both games and they come off Labor Day at 5-5 with all the confidence to fight for a playoff spot. Drop both and their record goes to 1-5 at home. Drop even one and it's still not great.

Also, the time has come for this team, if it wants to be taken seriously, to put together a serious win streak. Let's win three games in a row! Why can't it happen? Other teams can win many games in a row, why not us? We have Sutton back and the offense seems to be coming together. I hope they had a good set of practices this week and I hope Anthony laid the hammer down if players were making mental mistakes. We beat Winnipeg once, we can do it again at home, can't we? Yes, I know we faced Willy instead of Nichols, but Nichols isn't elite.

Let's go out and start a winning streak TONIGHT!

Tonight is a must win no ifs or buts!

Kevin and the veterans' general selfishness found both the if and the but.