The most fickle 'fans' in sports

Hamilton clearly has the most fickle sports fans anywhere in North America. It drives me insane to read topics regarding boycotting games, to 'show' ownership. Hamilton isn't sure what they like but they sure know what they dislike.

Living in Hamilton pretty much my entire life I have seen team after team run through this city.

Hamilton Dukes - hockey
Hamilton Redbirds/Cardinals - baseball
Hamilton Canucks - hockey
Hamilton Dukes - hockey
Hamilton Steelers - soccer
Hamilton Skyhawks - basketball
Hamilton Steelhawks - hockey
Hamilton Thunder - soccer
Ontario Raiders - lacrosse
Hamilton Bulldogs - switching affiliates every year
Hamilton Tiger-Cats - several ownership groups

We have a billion dollar owner that clearly wants to win (there were many roster moves this summer). Plus the team's work in the community, involvement with minor sports in Hamilton (50-50 draws, appearances, tickets, etc.), work with Mac football. Do you really want to run this ownership out of Hamilton? As history can prove, you do!

One of Those Owner was Mr Ballard
He Won us Grey Cup

Bob has yet to that ...


I've been waiting for a good football team here in Hamilton and been patient for over three years!!!

Fickle ,my ass
I've had enough .
This is brutal

Screen passes to running backs my butt!!!!

Few passes to recievers???
Fire Pow Pow

Thats the kind of fickle Hamilton response I was looking for in posting my thoughts. Thanks for reinforcing my point.

I've had season tickets for five years ,been watching or 45 years .

Fickle ....No

But I've had enough ,next home game it's watch it the TV ...

Kids can have the tics.

Thats enough!

Well thats a shame but ill bet youll be back next game .Youll see ..... it will eat at you not to go . I know it would me !!!!

FICKLE may not be the word. Hamilton is a "working city" and the "fans" in this area for all the teams you refer to work hard for their money and may have a more limited income than fans in other cities (all these teams - much like small market teams in the NHL, baseball are driven by the every day fan and not sponsors and coprorate money). SO when a on filed/on ice product is not producing of course you complain and request changes. If it does not change then you stop buying the product and spend hard earn money elsewhere. go out to your favourite restaraunt and the service is poor and your food is cold, under/overcooked. Maybe the first time you grin and bear it thinking it is a bad day and you go back. Again it happens and next time you complain to the waiter who apologizes and treats you nicely and asks you to come back again. So you go again and it still is bad. You ask for the manager and complian may get a discount/coupon intcing you to come back. Again you go and it is worse than before...what do you do...continue eating crap and spending your hard earned money on it or try another restaraunt....

Is that fickle....I think not

I have a thousand more times respect for Mr Young that I ever did for Mr Ballard, but then again they are two different types of people.

I respect everything that Bob has done for our team, I can not say the same for all of Mr Ballard's actions.

I have been a season ticket holder for 17 years now. I do NOT expect us to win the Grey Cup every year but I DO want a competitive team. I understand that you can not have a winning season every year, but I will NOT accept a losing season year after year. I have a right to complain about the poor play when I am buying season tickets year after year.

I do not blame Bob for the way the team is playing. He pays the bills and has to trust the people that he has hired at the top will make the right football decisions. Our team has a lot of talent on it, so of course we are going to expect a lot from them.

People like to vent when they are upset with the product they are paying good money to see and thus support. If the fans just paid for the tickets year after year and did not care about the team losing year after year, then in my opinion that fan (consumer) is just being ripped off and is not very smart. Would you buy a new TV and if it did not work, just shrug your shoulders and say oh well????

So I will continue to be ticked off when the team does not play well and I will continue to go to all the games, wear my ticat clothes etc.

Philadelphia sports fans would beg to differ. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

There are many cities that would be considered 'working class' that have the ability to maintain a single sports team. We have failed to maintain a single franchise in this city.

The biggest point I am trying to make is that the Cats do much more than simply play football. Hundreds of appearances to school and events, support my kids little league football and baseball teams through 50-50's and other funding, employees young people at the concessions, etc

I saw an opinion piece in the spec the other day and it basically said that...if the Ticats left for good Hamilton would morn for a day and get over it. Well, there would be alot of organization and people that would morn longer than that.

Just ask Ottawa's minor football league who will not receive the 50-50 money from every game this year.

I really did love reading the Ticat fans posting on the TSN "your call" boards when they made some of their "BIG Acquisitions" during the offseason.


I wonder if any of those ticat fans are the same ones posting here. Im sure there are a couple of them. :smiley:

Regina in the CFL, Ott and Mtl fans, generally.

For that matter, if you sat down and did a thorough analysis, you'd prob find most cities in NA with sports teams to be like that --- either in a rough period, overall or just to a given franchise for way it's run etc.

I would not lose sleep at the so-called "fans' who claim they're going to boycott
team etc.

Face it, if you guys had won last night, everything would have been just rosy, Marshall hailed as a genius, Paopao, the best OC in League .....

This type of reaction is to be expected when a team starts 0-3.

FICKLE< I resent that. A good fan of the Tiger Cats are here in the best of times and the worst of times. By the amount of newbies that I have seen here, they are the "new" fickle generation. Where were these people when times were tough? when you were ridiculed admitting you went to a TiCat game. A percentage of the people in here are "new" and thats great.
However, the problem with this team is more than money. Don't get me wrong, Marshall is a hellava a guy and did wonders with Mac. He got lucky his first year here as the Tiger Cats were not that bad as their previous season. We have probably one of the best teams on paper and should be 2-1 .
I think back to when Ron Lancaster coached his first time in the CFL with the Riders. DISASTER, then he sat in the booth for a lot of years and looked what happened. I think Marshall needs to step back and possibly be an assistant coach . Now PaoPao is not my favourite, I admire him as a player but I think there is something lacking there too.
The mistakes from last nights game are "rookie" coaching mistakes. Time management issues, coaching with such intensity that grade school mistakes are made etc.
And Maas just doesn't look comfortable in the pocket, he either is not getting the protection he needs or he can't see the end of his nose.
The hitch pass does not work, nor that flick to the back or forward. Not to mention the KICKING game. If I had to pick one position that is important to CFL teams is KICKING. It will either win you the game or loose you the game.
I think it is back to school and a more seasoned approach to coaching or this team will not win till August again or later.

While I don't live in Hamilton, I still consider the Ticats to be mu favorite football team. Always have...always will.

But I wouldn't consider us "fans" to be fickle. "Fickle" would be winning 17 games, losing the last and being pissed off about it to the point of demanding trades/firings etc. But in this case, we've been subjected from bad to atrocious football for 6 years now and we're tired of excuses.

We see the free agent signings and trades and new coaching staff and yet somehow, amazingly, we witness the same old poor football. Anemic offense, porous defense. And the scary thing to me is, we seem to be getting worse. I'm tired of hearing about giving the team time to "gell". Jim Daley used that excuse far too long in Winnipeg and the fans and management both got tired of it. And we know what happened to Daley!

I take great offense to assuming I'm "fickle".
I've sat in that stadium when no more than 5000 people would go.
I've been a TiCat fan since I was 7 and my mom, another die-hard fan, introduced me to the Cats and the CFL.

I'm pissed, and I'm angry. I ALWAYS will support this club as I have in the past, good times and bad.

It's not even about "rookie" mistakes or "rookie caoching".

If I weren't so passionate about my team I wouldn't be this upset and angry.

I prefer "demanding" over "fickle".

Does this mean that Hamiltonions deserve this award ???

Talk about history. Remember Rowan & Martins Laugh-in. Just think of the 1 and two liners they could have right now at the Cats expense. We had some powerhouse teams back then and smash mouth defense. Don't we study history to learn form our mistakes. They have a week to become History Majors !!!!!!

Have a good ans safe weekend all :>)))

hamilton fans are brutal! am i the only sane one.. sure im frustrated but dont fire people left right and centre becuz of it,., ur all st u pid if u ask me

You guys are hilarious!

The Ticats made some great pickups in the off-season. You're a far better team than last year. FAR better. But you're not going to win the Grey Cup this year, so deal with it.

Relax. It takes time for a new team to come together.

You have one of (if not THE) the best owners in the CFL. Don't shoot yourselves in the foot by overreacting to a crappy game or two.

hamilton fans are brutal! am i the only sane one.. sure im frustrated but dont fire people left right and centre becuz of it,., ur all st u pid if u ask me
You're kidding, right?
Go back and re-read some of your own posts!