The Moreno retrospect

Ok, lets put this trade to bed at last.....maybe.

Most were mad at Obie when this trade went down.
Now lets look back now that the dust has settled.

Winnipeg got Moreno.
Cats got Winnipeg's 1st round pick and the rights to Corey Mace.
The Cats traded Winnipeg's 1st to B.C. for B.C.'s 1st and picked Darcy Brown
and B.C.'s second rounder and picked Ryan Hinds.
Cats then traded the rights to Mace and a 3rd round pick to Toronto for Arland Bruce.
If the Cats re-sign Bruce, they will give up an additional 3rd round pick.

So in summary we lose Moreno and a 3rd.
We gain Brown, Hinds, and Bruce.

Anyone still upset at Obie for making this trade???

Great idea.
Other than QBs its the single most pointlessly beaten up issue of the recent past. If anyone out there who's not anti-Obie for its own sake its time to let go.
And if the hang-up is still a loss of LB talent Johnson , Haley and Floyd should be making you forget all about it.

Close the door. It's done.

I can't imagine anyone upset at this point. I'm just looking forward to our next trade.. :smiley: :rockin:

8) This present team is a lot better off now with the linebacking we have !!
  Obie knows what he is doing, and he was obviously not thrilled with Moreno.

  If you paid close attention to his play in the last Argo game, you would know why  !!

I wasn't upset then...and I'm not upset now. The only thing that ticked me off is that the player he was traded for (Canada) wouldn't report and that made the team and Obie look bad.

Upset that Moreno was gone...nope. He was better than what we had previous, but, he was not without his weaknesses. Moreno lacks one important element that Obie likes to build his team around....speed. He was as good as gone when Obie took over IMO.

Could not agree more.
Anyone can be traded, for a variety of reasons.
The downside of the trade at the time was that we did not get what we traded for.
Worked out for the best, in the long run.

The best way to "put it to bed" is to stop bringing it up.

Amen BG. The only people bringing it up are those trying to "prove" that it was a good decision. Quit with your agendas guys. No Moreno fans have talked about this in months.

Still though, the linebackers we have now, and the fact that we have Bruce, doesn't reflect on that trade. Nobody could've foreseen the circumstances as they are now, and none of these guys were actually part of the deal. Players change teams alot in the CFL and if you traced every player's path around the league you could analyze a lot of trades "in retrospect" as if they were masterminded in some obscure chain of events.

Obie's done a great job and nobody is complaining, but at the time, that was a bad deal. He's done a great job at filling the holes and the linebacking corps is stronger now as a unit, but yes, PUT IT TO BED PLEASE.

What are you trying to prove?

Comeon I think it was a cost cutting thing. :roll:

If my aunt had nuts she'd be my uncle.

Here's an idea: If you don't want to read about the Moreno trade anymore, don't open up Moreno trade threads.

Obie has done a great job with the team and got lucky with this Moreno deal.

n_a_b. no trade that involves future considerations
can be put to bed as bad at the time the trade was made,

The team that wins the trade is never known until the players
those future considerations represent are ultimately determined.

Giving up Zeke Moreno and a 3rd pick and gaining
Arland Bruce and to Canadians Darcy Brown

and Ryan Hinds [ his rights ] who is still in school
looks like a pretty good end result to me, n_a_b.

He's done a great job at filling the holes

and the linebacking corps is stronger now
as a unit, but yes, PUT IT TO BED PLEASE.

What are you trying to prove?

maybe not you, n_a_b, but …too many fans
didn’t have faith that Obie could assess his team’s talent

and make an appropriate mid-season trade
to shore up weaknesses in his overall team.

  1. These fans insisted that Obie was trying
    to get rid of Zeke Moreno in that Winnipeg trade

when his primary intent was to acquire Tom Canada
to patch up our big weakness at Defensive End

  1. They didn’t get it that Obie’s aquiring Corey Mace’s rights
    made the best of an unfortunate situation fate thrust at him

when Tom Canada’s ruptured spleen
made him medically ineligible to trade

[ not his refusal to play for Hamilton
which he spontaneously said in haste.]

Why did you open the clearly titled thread if you have no interest in it.....other than to b!tch and complain?

I thought it might be of interest to some now that we have traded a player, the key piece acquired in the Moreno deal.
I was and still am a huge Moreno fan. No agenda to pat Bob on the back...really!
Sorry that you thought the assets we acquired were a bad deal at the time when just a short time later it turned out OK. That is what you do as a GM, acquire pieces and as you say trade pieces. Every player and draft pick is an asset. The Moreno trade now has closure with the trade of Mace, that is why I posted on this topic.