The more NFL games I watch the more I like the CFL

OK.. watched both playoff games this weekend, and they were both pretty boring. No exciting plays at all.. only time either were interesting was the last quarter of the Bears/Packers game.
I have a couple rule questions. How come the kicking team is able to touch the ball before the recieving team, and is a helmut to helmut hit only a penelty if its on the QB

Jaz; This may help your question regarding the punt touchback,

Jaz, welcome to the sane side.
Some of us here have come to this realization many years ago and no longer watch this crap to me what is known as the No Fun League.
All hype all of the time.

Yeah the two most idiotic rules in sports in my opinion belong to the NFL (3 if you count Overtime format).
There's nothing more anti-climatic or retarded than watching a team walk off and celebrate when there's still time on the game clock. There was well over a minute left in the Jets-Steelers game and yet the game was effectively over.

The other dumb rule is the "fair catch". I know every league has rules that may not appeal to everyone, but two are awful.

I really pity those of you who are not able to enjoy the NFL.

I agree the CFL and NFL are both great games

Agreed, although I vastly prefer the CFL.

Trashing the NFL just isn't very interesting to me. I like what it has to offer -- it's just a very different animal compared to the CFL.

Because you like something everyone else should like it?
Well I love baseball and if memory don't..Should I pity you because of it?

I agree with the author of this thread
The NFL is incredibly BOARING!
Its all fluff and no substance

But what gets me is the TV on screen broadcast hype.

Virtual first down line...That's OK its useful.
Virtual LOS...WHY? I can see where it is, its right there where all the players are ligning up. I don't need a blue line to tell me where it is anymore than I needed a blue dot on a black puck so that I could follow it on white ice
On Screen Play Clock....Its OK But does it really need to FLASH RED when it gets down to 5 seconds....People cant figure out that time is running out? Its counting down!
And my personal favorite in uselessness
A giant arrow on the field telling us which direction the ball is moving
If you need should not be watching football

As for the game itself
The fair catch has got to me the most useless play in all of sport
Post game interviews are going on on the field while there is almost 2 minutes left to play? Dumb! Play the entire game

AS much as it is possilbe to like both versions of is just a possible to like only one...or the other

i pity anyone who knows 'FootbalYouBet' outside of this forum.

nice. says a lot about you.

Bang on.
Why does someone have to like both, as some here have said after all both games are football?
Wrong, some of us like the CFL.....period.
There does not need to be an explanation as to why.
Similarly if you like the NFL only, that's your choice and whatever floats your boat.
Likewise, if you like both again that's great.
But don't pity us because we are CFL only and can't stand the other brand, because it may be you that needs the pity?

Deliberate helmet-to-helmet hits, as in spearing or leading with the helmet, have for decades been a personal foul penalty.

The referees missed one major call in that regard too.

Nowadays at long last though penalties are also enforced for any such high hit to the quarterback in the pocket, or otherwise but for when not sliding when on the run for yardage, whether or not leading with the helmet.

Also the penalty is enforced for any such high hits against a player deemed a "defenseless" receiver in the discretion of the official(s).

In most cases, when a player leads high with his pad level to hit the quarterback or a defenseless player, or in any case leads with the helmet intentionally or unintentionally in a launch in an attempt to tackle any player, it will be called as a personal foul penalty and comes with also usually fines by the league.

I pity football fans that only like the CFL because that means you are waiting from nov to june. Whereas I only need to wait from feb to june for my next football fix.

CFL fans get to watch a max of 4 games during all of CFL season, and only 2 games twice, whereas from sept to nov I get to enjoy between 5-8 games a week, including all cfl games not blacked out.

OTOH, if one doesnt like NFL, but does like American College ball, then thats a different story. One who likes NCAA might feel pity for me who does not watch it.

Too me, only likingwatching CFL is like only likingwatching NHL but not international competition, or visa versa.

I am not intending any insult, I just truly think its sad for a football fan not to be able to enjoy more pro football than just CFL

In addition I hate it when people say that real football fans enjoy both. Unless you watch CFL, NFL, AFL, CIS, NCAA, etc. you have no right opening your mouths. Also saying the NFL is like the CFL or vice versa is misleading. Just because one watches Formula ! doesn't mean one wants to watch Nascar. I personally don't have much of an interest in 4 down football. Sorry.

I doubt many canadians love Track and Field (I follow it as intensely as Hockey and Canadian Football). I also watch basketball, although it's not that popular in Canada. That doesn't mean I feel the need to "convert" people o my side.

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I didnt actually say I dont like the NFL... but it is pretty boring compared to the CFL, in my opinion... I have seen some good NFL games, but not as many as CFL games.. and given there are a LOT more NFL games, you would think it would be the opposite.. oh well...
I also dislike that a 2 score game with 2 minutes left on the clock is a pretty much over game...and also when there is 15 or so seconds left till the 2 minute warning.. they just wait till 2 minutes to count down.. the 40 second play clock and stuff liek that take away any chance for a come behind game.
And sorry for the insults you took FYB... not nice...

Nfl qb,s are playing touch football!!!

Spearing is the norm for nfl defenders, it is never called, i. e.- a number of years ago, a 49r d lineman had his shin compound fractured by his own db, who was leading with his head trying to tackle an elusive rb.

The best way for young players to avoid injury when tackling, is to use the face mask as a curser to keep the head up.

Saw this during the bears/packers game I think. Thought it was a pretty dumb rule.

In American football the offense cannot advance the ball if it recovers its own fumble on fourth down, or in the last two minutes of the game. (or half).

Ah I see more than likely you are not familiar with the reason this rule exists -- it was created in large part due to a historic intentional fumble forward by the Raiders to win a playoff game in the 1970s as recovered by tight end Dave Casper.

Also I believe there are rules in Canadian ball regarding an intentionally dribbled ball that goes forward (as opposed to a kick as is legal), but maybe someone else can explain those rules.