The more I think about it we will be fine at QB!

Take these considerations in stride when you think of our quarterback situatiion.The coaching we have now!,The exsperience we have now at QB!, and the money we are building up for free agents and releases! Tafee will teach the QBs that if they cant play, they wont play!Maas will have to smarten up!Butler is an exsperienced QB at a young age! We really all have to worry about our receivers and our defence now.Good luck!

Yea, nothing to worry about except they have no one to throw the ball to!!!

I would say that we can expect to get blitzed a lot with a young OL, immobile qbs who do not handle the rush, and no wrs.

meh.. still none of these qb's we have proved themselves last year.. sure butler ran us over twice, but who didnt? if luca congi was at qb that day he woulda put up sum numbers

BoxJ I thought the exact same thing. When the trade first happened, I was absoluely livid. Though, once I got to thinking about it, it's competition, and we've seen what Charlie can do with Quarterbacks. Also, with Wynn & Banks both likely to become FAs, there is more competition. Our QB situation could work out very well this year if the coaches & GM play their cards right.

Rocky Butler and Richie Williams are very MOBILE.The other guy just appears slower because he is trying to think while running.His thoughts are probably about the good old days in Edmonton where the deer and the antelope played.I'm hoping we sign one more fleet young quarterback to challenge Butler and Williams for the starting position.I see our season much like Roberto Duran. "No Maas!"
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7 )

I say bring in Spurgeon Wynn and Brad Banks
for a shootout at the O.K. corral with Jason

If Jason doesn't win the starting job at Training Camp
tell him to take a pay cut or we're releasing him...his choice.

Keep Richie Williams.