The mood on Daly

Since we all know Butler is out for all of 2016, and possibly forever, I just want to see what the general mood of Ticat fans is for Daly being the #1 Safety going into camp.

I personally feel great about it. This kid keeps getting stronger and faster each year, and even won a weekly award last year for his starting performance in Edmonton. He's hungry to say the least, and even becoming a bit of a ballhawk now. 3 INT so far in a career with very limited D time.

I think he's got what it takes. What do you think?

I think he's pretty good and has potential. We could always move Stephen over from CB (and start another National elsewhere) if he doesn't work out.

I have confidence in Daly, he did everything and more last season to prove he is ready, he knows the Orlondo system,
Butler is out the entire season, Daly knows that the Safety is his position right from TC, this is a huge opportunity for Daly and I think he will thrive!

I, too, believe that Daly is a good fit at safety. The Cats need to develop a backup for him or draft one on Tuesday. In Orlondo's schemes the DBs seem interchangeable . Last year you might see Eric Harris or Courtney Stephen as the deepest defender on a particular formation. Daly will be just fine. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

With Craig Butler's season ending injury, Daly has a moment in which to seize. The team though is light on (quality) backup db's. I assume this is on Austin's radar after losing Edem and King to FA. I think we will likely either draft a db high up, and, or make a trade for one. Having the wealth of National talent this team has, making a trade is the most likely scenario in my opinion.


What's not to like about #35 Mike Daly ? The guy is a baller and proved he could start and stick last season when pressed into action when the injury bug hit the secondary. I think that with Butler unfortunately it seems out for the season that the natural transgression would be to have Daly step seamlessly into the Safety slot as the starter. The only problem though as I see it is perhaps a lack of depth on the Canadian side of things in the secondary with the losses of Edem and King to FA and Butler's injury, leaving only Stephen,Daly and Langa (who was listed at LB on the depth charts last season) as available for now. The problem I think though will be addressed on Tuesday in the draft where there are a number of high quality DB's that should be available and hopefully Austin will snag one with one of the 3 picks we have in the top 20 ( 5th,14th,18th).
I'm not sure exactly how Austin and crew will deploy our ratio and Canadian starters but if Drew Edwards projections mean anything it looks like the team will be switching Stephen from corner to safety and going with only one Canadian starter in the secondary this season that being Stephen with Daly backing up. That though could change in a hurry though as I mentioned depending on who is available and if we draft a DB on Tuesday to provide added depth to the secondary. Personally I would LOVE to see Daly start at Safety this season and see the team leave Stephen at the corner but I'll leave the decisions to the guy who get's paid to make those decisions and trust in Austin and staff to do what they do as they haven't steered us wrong yet in putting the best available talent out there on the field.

Drew Edwards Canadian depth chart and projections for the upcoming season (projected starters in bold face )

Stephen hasn't played Safety since 2013, so that tells me the team wants him at CB. I'm not sure why Drew would put Stephen at safety. Maybe something he was told by team staff, or maybe it's just total speculation.

Austin has started Stephen at CB for the last two seasons, and he's done an admirable job there; as has Daly when starting.

Guy lays people out! What's not to like

Mike Daly #35........ 2015 season highlights....What's NOT to like ??? The proofs in the pudding....This guy can play :rockin: Watch and enjoy :smiley: :thup: No doubt in my mind that he should be a starter this season.

Re: Stephen - this is my thinking as well. Why take him away from his position when plugging Daly in at S hasn't been proven a failure? Or, see what gems appear from camp.

On Daly as the full time starter at S, my thinking is the only way to know is to throw him in there and see what happens. He has certainly shown that he can fill in spot duty and play well. I say give him the spot for 6 games and then reevaluate. Austin has done this before with players. Why should Daly be any different? At DE Tracey may get the same treatment this season.

I'm looking forward to it.

In 2015, when Butler was injured, and Stephen was still healthy, they started Daly at S and Stephen at CB. The game in Edmonton last season is the example I'm using.

When Stephen was injured and Butler healthy last season, they played 2 international CB, Daly at S, and Butler at LB. I'm pretty sure Stephen is a tad lighter, hence why he plays CB. A S needs a bit more size and bulk.

Also, Daly and Butler are pretty much the exact same size. Butler might be 1" taller.

Surprisingly that's not the case, Daly is the lightest of the three.
Actually looking at the stats listed on the roster, Daly is 6' 1" 182 lbs and Stephen is 6' 194 lbs. So Stephen is an inch shorter but 12 lbs heavier than Daly. As for the injured Butler he is listed at 6' 2" 196 lbs. So Butler is indeed one inch taller but 14 lbs heavier than Daly and is 2 inches taller but only 2 lbs heavier than Stephen.

Mike Daly....................6' 1"...182 lbs...............
Craig Butler................6' 2"...196 lbs...............
Courtney Stephen.....6'........194 lbs...............

That's still Daly's listed draft weight, and is usually the weight that is always listed for most players whole career, but when Drew wrote about Daly a year or two ago Daly was quoted as putting on a few pounds of muscle each off season. You can really see it if you compare older pics of him. His arms are noticeably bigger now.

My guess is that he is up to 200-205 now. Stephen on the other hand seems to have slimmed a tad.

Also, they obviously don't properly update the player profiles, since Daly is listed with only 1 INT, when we all saw him make 3 last year. 1 in Win, and 2 in Edm.

I tend to agree with you on Daly being more around the 200-205 mark now and as for the update on the rosters....they are totally out of whack and not accurate at all in most categories. Looking at some of the players profiles some have 2015 stats listed some don't , some have the player only playing 2 years but shows them having stats for 3 years, some have wrong seasonal stats like Daly being credited with only 1 int last year instead of 3 , its even got one of our new running backs(Ronnie Wingo) age listed at being 35. Hell it doesn't even have a player profile page yet for Chad Owens ,Hoffman-Ellis and a few others signed in FA , when you click on their names all that pops up is this.....................

Hopefully whoever is in charge of updating the roster will figure it out and get things straightened out before T.Camp opens in a few weeks because right now its a hot mess and the roster is about as useful as a one legged man at a butt kicking contest.

As for Daly's size comparison between then and now here are a few pics that you can see the obvious difference in the size of his arms and overall appearance from when he was at Mac to how he looks today.

I forgot to comment on this vid... great work!

And yes, you really can see the size difference.

From the information in this article and comments from both Austin and Courtney Stephen,
Courtney Stephen will be the starting Safety, not Daly

Ticats veteran Stephen undaunted by challenge of moving to safety

[url=] ... to-safety/[/url]

[i][b]"I consider myself a football player so wherever they put me on the field I'll do my best to adapt," Stephen said. "They could put me at long-snapper and I'd figure it out and get it done for the team.

"Luckily I've got experience playing (safety). So far it has been good."[/b][/i]

[b][i]"It takes time to work back into that position and we're doing some things differently defensively in the secondary because of him being back there," said Kent Austin, Hamilton's head coach/GM. "Every day he's getting better but he'll do fine.

"Courtney is a tremendous player for us and certainly has been versatile enough to play corner and free safety. We're certainly going to miss Craig but we've got a lot of faith and confidence in Courtney."[/i][/b]

I assume that Daly will only be used on special teams?

This is obviously the only way they have a capable backup for the 1 National starting role in the defensive backfield. Langa wouldn’t be able to capably backup Daly if Stephen was still a CB.

Don’t be shocked to see Daly used as a nickel quite often. He is a play maker, and there is no way he will simply be relegated to backup and special teamer. Austin isn’t one to waste ability.

And Stephens can be plugged into other spots in the secondary if injury dictates freeing up safety for Daley.

This is all about depth and versatility. Stephen can play corner or safety and Daly is very capable at safety and the teams. When healthy, the same scenario could apply at the D tackles with Laurent, Gaydosh, Atkinson, and Gill. The Oline has some great depth players : Girard as centre/guard Revenberg as Centre/ guard/tackle Rice as guard/tackle :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)