The Montreal Test?

Fans in Montreal have been treated to a Winning Team for a long time and mainly due to the fact of two areas one being the play of Anthony Calvilo and second the fact that when Montreal joined back into the CFL in the mid-nineties they were known previously a the Grey Cup winning Baltimore Stallions with Tracy Ham and Mike Pringle not too many Cities get the opportunity of establishing themselves as a winner from the start with great players but thanks to Jim Popp Montreal has had this long ride for their fans of a winning team. It will be interesting to watch now if fan support fades at all because the team has lost games to Winnipeg and last night to Calgary? Fans in Montreal have been blessed with a winning team for long time and when a team wins every one loves to come out but when a team loses the hope start to fade, I hope that doesn’t happen in Montreal but eventually as Anthony gets older he gets closer to retiring, than what??

Then the 20 year rebuilding process begins :slight_smile:

Anyone know why they got rid of their backup quaterback? (McPhearson?) They've been training him for years then got rid of him this year for some reason.

I'm not privy to any sort of inside information, but a lot of players hit a plateau in their development. (I hit mine about the time I was 10 or 11, I think.) I'd guess that the Als decided McPherson had developed as far as he was going to go and that he will never have what it takes to be a full-time starter in the CFL. The lack of interest by other clubs (e.g. Edmonton and Winnipeg) that had shown interest in the QB market suggests that might be a popular view in a lot of front offices.

There were more fans in the stand last night than for the opener last week. I'm not worried. Will there be a drop in attendance if the offense keeps putting up six points a night at home? You bet as there would in any city. Anyway it does not mean the team won't be competititve with a new QB.