The Montreal Alouettes: Team of Destiny?

The term "Team of Destiny" has been thrown around alot on this forum and I'm beginning to believe it. The Als have been through so many Grey Cup failures in the past few years, that FINALLY winning it in front of their hometown crowd in Montreal after all of these years would serve as a long awaited vindication. It's also no secret that veteran Alouette players like Anthony Calvillo, Ben Cahoon, and Brian Chiu are nearing retirement age. A Grey Cup victory in their hometown would be a swang song to their Hall of Fame careers. On the subject of Calvillo, I just want to see the man shed the "choker" label. 1 for 5 in the Grey Cup! And who can forget the double pass against the Edmonton Eskimos in 2005! Let's face it: the Als and Anthony Calvillo are the biggest chokers in the CFL to date! And to reiterate what one Calgary fan said on this forum, I too am tired of seeing the Alouettes in the Grey Cup again! Please at least win one more if you going to keep going back! I believe that that label will all change on Sunday. :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Gosh Halibut...this is the 6th appearance for the Als in the GC since 2000, with one win. Don't you think they have had enough chances. Albeit, there really isn't that much competition out east presently, so they deserve to be there. But to say a "Team of Destiny"....destined to lose again, I think. Most of the players you mentioned have a GC ring from the "win" they can retire.

Yeah, I don’t buy the “team of destiny” garbage, either. If either team is the team of destiny, it’s Calgary, since Burris has never been to the Grey Cup.

If the Als are a team of "destiny" then they will be the bridesmaid again... :wink:

I agree, the East hasn't been all that competitive during the past few years. And to be honest with you, I'm tired of constantly seeing the Als go to the Grey Cup only to lose. But I have a feeling that they will win the big one this Sunday. And the Calgary Stampeders can play host the Grey Cup next season. I can see them losing a close one this year and using it as motivation to get to and win the Grey Cup in their hometown next season. I could be wrong. But hey, you can't blame me for guessing. The Stamps All-Star DB Brandon Browner has an ankle injury and it is unknown just how mobile he'll be for Sunday's game. He's the only DB big enough to match up with the Als star receiver Jamal Richardson. This could be the difference maker for Sunday. But we'll see what happens on Sunday I guess.