The Monster is back and hopes to make a difference

is it possible that strong-side linebacker Markeith Knowlton, who was the league’s most outstanding defensive player just two years ago, could make a significant difference when he finally returns after missing more than two months with an ankle injury?
Most the of the starters were back at practice for the Ticats on Tuesday, including receiver Chris Williams, but that list did not include linebacker Jamall Johnson, who is suffering from back spasms.

“Jamall is doing a little better but he wasn’t able to practise so we’ll just have to see,? Cortez said. “We’re playing it by ear.?

Hamilton’s opponents Friday night, the B.C. Lions, are having injury issues of their own. Receiver Arland Bruce, a former Ticat, will miss the game with a concussion, as will fellow receiver Geroy Simon (hamstring). Defensive tackles Khalif Mitchell (quadriceps) and Eric Taylor (leg) are also not expected to make the trip.

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With Knowlton back that can make a huge difference on Defense. They will once again be with their leader but more importantly will have thier all star SAM LB back a position that has been a revolving door of inconsitancy since he wetn down. Brandon Pegese has proven to be a huge impact on the Cats D line rotation at DE. Tory Smoth who did not dress last week has also proven to be a big plus on the Dline.
Ricardo Colclough who also was a recent pick up can move back to his natural CB position as a starter if neeeded or be the Dime CB on passing downs.
With Wiiliam and Gueguers starting at WR and Fantuz and Grant in the slots the Cats have gone with NI Darrly Stephanson as a FB/TE and now have officially made NI receiver Sticky stals the exclusive #5 receiver. Meaning that the Cats cna go with three NIs on the O line. Giguere, Fantuz, and Sphanson/Stala as starting as 6 of the 7 NIs. Leaving the defense only needing to start one NI most likely Buckner at safety. Getting Davis back on the field at DT and also have the ability to start Colclough at CB for one of the two NIs thet have had starting there really adding strength to the defense as well as depth and flexibilty and depth at the DB spot as well as the Dline.
Better game planning with the use of both Cobourne and Chevon walker would also be beneficial. they did not appear to have the two different style RBs as part of an organized dual RB threat with Cobourne being the steady back grinding out yards and having walker packaged in as a change of pace RB that could break on at anytime. Imagine how much stringer this will make the offense knowing that you have a big play receiver in Williams and a big play RB in Walker.
Need to get that organized

Well then, it appears that all of our problems are solved. :roll:

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The main problem I see here is that we may not have JJ on weak side this week. Which means we need to dip into our deplete pool of backup LB again. Not sure Colclough is a fit at WILL like he is at SAM - similar to Knowlton that way, more a LB/DB hybrid.

Also, is Dyakowski back from his injury? I haven’t seen anything about that. Without him, we won’t be starting three NIs on the o-line, as we only have three to dress. One injury [knock wood] and we’re back to shuffling the lineup again.

And last, while I’m really hoping that Peguese is dressed and starting, with Cortez, you never know. Was he really dropped last week due to ratio concerns, or was it something else?

If JJ can't go on Friday, I'd expect to see Eiben @ WIlL thus solving the ratio issue(s) created by injuries to Steele & Dyakowski.

Well, That’s a problem right there. Eiben is like a screen door on a submarine, Can’t stop anything. :thdn:

I agree colclough is not a WILL LB like Knowlton he is a DB/SAM LB. but if JJ is out eiben is very week at LB.
What are the the possibilites that the Rookie out of Laval, Marc-Antoine Fortin moving from DE to WILL LB. Is that something that he is able to do. Eiben just isn’t that good and it would really leave a whole at the WILL LB. Just hope that JJ is able to go and the LB corp will finally be in place

more than likely as Eiben has taken most of the reps at the short side during this week’s practices.

8) Regarding Dyakowski, it sounds like he is done for the year !!
 As far as your thoughts regarding Peguese, you make a good point there !!!

done for the year? What have you heard Tipper?

8) According to Steve Milton, Knowlton is still not confirmed to play on Friday.
  It remains very likely that he won't play !!
8) Cortez was quoted as saying, "We're just trying to see if Peter can play some before the year is out ".
 Also in Steve Miltons column today, he states  that the Cats have now lost their 2 top Canadian O Linemen for the year!!

This is getting uglier and uglier. JJ and Knowlton both possibly out, Dyakowski joining Hage on the IR, and of course all the other starters (total of seven) and ST specialists there already. Good thing BC is banged up somewhat too.

Honestly, I don’t think that it would really even matter. Sure we’ve had injuries but Cortez has sometimes made healthy scratches of quality players. Guys like Cobourne, Stala and even newcomer Puguese have all had to sit for whatever reason. We haven’t had our best on the field for a multitude of reasons.

This is the big one, we win, TO loses ,we beat TO next week, we are still alive.