"The monkey on their backs"

Is it me or did Taafe sound like he has no confidence in this article. I mean lets stay positive a bit here. I like the talent we have, even though we do have alot of “first year players”, i’d rather have them than vets that have been around during losing seasons. But seriously I really like what I see on this team, I feel alot of these “first year players” or going to step up and light up front pages this year.

As for Jelling, I don’t think it will take long, I like the way our Defence is coming together and I feel we may be able to play shut down.

Our Offence will be improved over last year. Especially if Casey is ready to go, and Jesse feels good.

That article in today’s spec should be discarded IMO.

If Taafe said this then he's just being smart.Nobody really knows how this team will play yet.

The man coached a poor squad last year... and made some rather odd coaching decisions himself in the process.

He also probably feels (rightly, I guess) that he himself if on a bit of a short leash.

So, in these circumstances, do you want to raise expectations so that even a middling start is seen as failure or do you set the public sights low and then - if things really do improve - bask in the light of overachieving?

8) Sounds like a good explanation to me Mark !!!!!

Gotta agree with Mark. Taafe was just keeping the expectations for his team to a reasonable level. Let's be fair--twenty new faces will take time to come together. This team is moving in the right direction but a playoff spot is still not 100%.

An Argo-Cat fan

I agree that Taafe was just playing it low key. Even if the coaching staff does have high expectations based on what they saw in camp, I think they will wait until it shows on the field before saying so in print. Even if the team was made up of vets picked from free agency and trades, it would still take a while to gel, likewise with so many rookies and 2nd year men, only more so.

I really hope that Taafe isn't going into the season believing that he is on the so called "short leash". That is no way to play ball, afraid to make decisions based on the fact you and your staff might be fired! If OB was confident enough to keep him around I doubt if the team is even thinking that way.

I hate to say this but the Cats are not playoff bound this year. More than 3 wins? Absolutely but not playoff bound. Next year should be different though, just too many new faces now.

How can you say that before the season has started?

New faces or not, if this team gels and with proper coaching, has the same chances as any other team. The 2003-2005-2006 Ticat clubs had mostly vets and very few new faces and look how they turned out. Football is all about: any given Sunday, Momentum, confidence, skill, strategy,schemes, and coaching. With these in place I wouldn’t rule out anything.

I question what Kind of example is Taafe sending to the players (good or bad) if he has doubts. 1 is it a negative situtation what he is doing or 2 is it positive so that the players don’t expect to much early in the season?

Good debate.

It didn't sound like Taaffe was doing anything but stating the obvious.
He probably was tired of Ken 'Mr. Positiveness' Peters in his face again asking inane negative questions. Peters should try to help the fans learn what the coach thinks of the players progress and development of the team instead of trying to give the coach a 'history lesson'.
Ken Peters should join the optimist bandwagon as most of the fans, I believe, are starting to see a better looking product both on the field and on the sidelines.


2 things have to change huge from last year.

  1. Defensively- The pressure up the middle on opposing qb’s. If the DL doesn’t get pressure without blitzing all the time our secondary will look horrible again this year. PRESSURE!

  2. Offensively- Receivers have to run good crisp patterns and find an opening. If they don’t then Casey will be constantely trying to thread the needle which will result in a lot of picks unless our receivers come back to the ball. Which has also been a huge problem.

We will have the best running game in the CFL this year and I think a drastic improvement on returns will definetly help.

Superman never made any money
playing in the CFL for GM OBIE.
But heck I love the kids attitude of “I played ok but I didn’t score…”
I love this kid’s positive attitude. If he wants to score everytime he touches the ball then I for one am going to sit back grab some popcorn and enjoy the show!

Ok already been used but heck I am ready for Thursday.

Earl Wrote,

I hate to say this but the Cats are not playoff bound this year. More than 3 wins? Absolutely but not playoff bound. Next year should be different though, just too many new faces now.

I have to disagree,

sure they have a lot of fresh faces, but that`s what the ticats needed to do. Out with old regime of losing and in with a fresh and positive attitude.

Not only that, they have some star players that will balance the lineup. Players such as Printers, Lumsden, Moreno, Setta, Beveridge.

I believe we`ll have a winning season this year and make the playoffs.