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I am a season ticket holder. I chose not to go to RJ (an inferior stadium in an inconvenient location). I was promised by my ticket rep (Kyle Robinson) that I would receive a credit on my Master Card for the unused tickets "the first week of August". As of Monday no credit appeared so I sent a follow up email to Kyle Robinson and have not yet received a reply. This stadium mess has been a PR disaster for the team. Why then would they over promise and under deliver? I am one pissedoff Ticat fan.

:twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

Hang on to your tickets, they will be collector items some day

I too am waiting for a refund plus 4 additional silver purchased for July 31st. Was told it's taking a while to get thru them all. Not impressed as they took my money immediately. I am going to mail Glen Gibson as I am also angry about it.

Was actually just thinking the same thing today. Haven’t received a refund for my season seats (only went to 1 game at Ron Joyce) or for the single game tickets I bought.

Don't forget, besides the regular work the reps do, then they have to process 16,000 season ticket holders, it has to be a logistical night mare !! Stay Calm and Be Patient !!

I put mine against next years tickets! This way it will seem even cheeper to get season tickets in 2015, as Bob also kept the prices the same for next year. Ive had no price increase since 2012! #awesome!

I'm waiting on my refund as well. I know I'll get it soon its not like the tigercats are going to skip town or anything... Right caretaker!?!?

What the "mods" should do is rename this thread so it has a meaningful title. The next time you start a new thread, can you please name it appropriately? Thanks!

The intent(s) of the title I chose was appropriate. It was reverse psychology - to encourage them not to take that action. The other intent was to inspire curiosity on the part of my fellow denizens of this website. Since you took the time to read it, this proves that this intent was successful. As the mods did not delete the thread, up to now at least :wink: , this shows my first intent was also successful. Thanks for reading. 8)

I was also very frustrated at the time. Having been promised the refund would be on my account in the first week of August and this not happening, compounded by my ticket rep's non-response to my follow-up email from Monday were the reasons for the frustration. The email I did receive, making the promise, did not use terminology such as "approximately" or "might happen" to describe the expected refund date. Oh well. I know (as I am in Customer Service myself) that Kyle is probably really overworked with this disaster so I don't really blame him personally. I am just upset with the entire debacle.

I guess Reverse Psychology worked :wink:

Next time he could try the old double reverse psychology!

Or we can all be like some optimistic Tiger-Cat fans who don't blame anyone for all this crap and enjoy keep getting kicked around as tax payers, ticket holders and as fans, just wait much more BS TO COME SHORTLY!!

The reason we have delayed in opening the stadium is the summer has been too cold to work, if the day's were more in the 30c range we would have had more workers on the site??

I'm locking this thread for the exact same reason players who call for penalties on the field are flagged. Our officials are not always right, and our front office is not always perfect. But as fans we come to watch the game to see our players play not fight with the officials. In the same way we run these forums for the -entertainment- of our fans, not for any individual to whine at us publicly.

If you are having problems of any sort with the Tiger-Cats call the eff-ing Tiger-Cats. None of the other posters on these boards can help you and we get tired of listening to you whine when you could just pick up the phone and call:

Dail 905-547-CATS, ask for team President Glenn Gibson if no one else can help, and you will get your concern addressed.