The Missing Point

That's not a grammatical error either.

So hamilton had 10 points, kicks off, Montreal return man touches the ball and it rolled through the end zone for a rouge.

The score was 11-3, or the like, in hamilton's favour.

Then magically, the hamilton went back to only having scored 10. There was no announcement fom the refs, and no mention from the broadcasters.

Does anyone have inside into this?

They ruled that The Montreal player did not touch the ball. The ball then went out the back of the endzone so no point was scored.

How the hell... I watched him tip it.

Yup. The returner aparently did NOT touch the football, thus it was ruled a touchback and the Als scrimmaged from the 25 (no point).

When you say "broadcasters", do you mean the stadium announcer? Because on television, both Rod Black and Proulx's voices can be heard addressing this play.

I get not hearing it in the stadium, but on my DVR first you hear Rod Black talking about how whether there is a point or not will depend on whether it was touched, then you hear Proulx announce: "Ball went through goal without being touched. There is no score on the play. First down on the twenty-five yard line." That doesn't mean it was the right call, but the TV broadcast left no mystery as to what call was made.

What pissed me off was that they couldn't give a number for the alleged illegal block (or was it alleged holding?) on the Banks TD that was called back, though Forde had his theory.

The penalty was called on No. 43 Neil King.

Proulx announced it and explained it.

I feel like that play should be a booth review. Or again the ref should give the point and let the booth review.

Perhaps the official twenty or thirty feet away could actually tell without a doubt that the Montreal player didn't touch the ball. (Novel concept?) It didn't look like he even considered dropping his hand to start the clock.

The stats list it as King but it was actually Landry #23. King was nowhere near the play, and Landry definitely held a guy.

ok, what about the UR call. I think it was on simmons.

The play wasn't dead, and there was an MTL defender just standing there to our OL threw a block on him.

I think in the first quarter. anyone know what i mean?

I remember that play. Looked like a pretty blatant unnecessary roughness penalty to me. If i remember it correctly, a bunch of guys were standing around a pile near the end of a play, when Simmons came along and just decked a guy for no apparent reason.

It was Tim O'Neill.

Q1 @ 6:59 - Hamilton 40 yardline - 1st & 10 - N. GRIGSBY Run (6 yds), Tackle: B. WOODS PENALTY HAMILTON: T. O'NEILL Unnecessary Roughness (15 yds)