The Misfits: Damon Allen & Anthony Cannon find new rewards w/ women's team

“After one tournament, me and Damon got fired.”

Anthony Cannon remembers well how The Misfits were born, in the aftermath of he and Damon Allen being tossed overboard by the first women’s touch football team they’d ever coached.

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thats a great piece

:tophat:'s off to Damon Allen & Anthony Cannon for their 4 year contribution with the Toronto Misfits. Having participated in sports my entire life, there is nothing like sharing your knowledge and passion of the game to eager young and aspiring athletes. The rewards of coaching are truly "Priceless" :100:

P.S. I will never forget a parent thanking me after our playoff run in minor league baseball. She asked if her son could play next season on my team, unfortunately I informed her that would not be possible. :blue_heart: