The Mike Singletary was at the B&G Game today.

I saw Eric Tillman walking with Mike Singletary from the top of the stadium today.
TSN's Chris Schultz was sitting infront of me and I checked with him and he confirmed Mr. Singletary was there watching his son.
While I was there to see the Cat's go through there paces it was cool to see one of the most intense players in NFL history.
Just an added perk.

Both Mr. Singletary and coach Austin were gracious enough to speak with us for a few minutes, pose for pics and sign autographs.

Mike seemed very courteous, articulate and actually quite humble, especially for one of the greatest defensive players in the history of the game.
My impression of Austin, is that he exudes an ambiance of reverence and leadership, yet also very personable with an affable disposition and quick wit.

I like him and believe he has the respect of his players.

Great guys, including the rest of the players who were a pleasure to interact with.