The Mike Reilly Thread

Mike Reilly got a little bit of attention on SportsCentre yesterday. I don't take everything that the CFL insiders have as written in stone but what Dave Naylor said has some truth to it. The question was will Mike Reilly be the starting QB of the Ottawa franchise in 2014 and Naylor doesn't seem to think so. With Reilly's contract up at the end of the season and teams in need of some help at QB he thinks teams like Edm or Wpg may come calling to the biggest name on the free agent before Ott has an official name. He also mentioned that in speaking with Reilly's agent there have not yet been any talks between management and Reilly on a contract extension... that part I don't find surprising because it seems like Wally does all of his contract offers after the football season. With the average player it can be a bid absurd to suggest he's a future elite QB in the league after one start but looking at his college stats, even after 4 years the guy hasn't missed a beat. Either way there's no question that Lulay is our guy for years to come, assuming he doens't get picked up by the NFL again once his contract expires with BC, it would be really unfair to keep a talent like Reilly relegated to clip board holder. He deserves a shot at being the number 1 QB with another club. I for one will dread the day we will have to face him and his offense.

Looks like we don't have to start worrying quite yet