The Mike Kelly show...

Now that it's been a few weeks without call-in questions...

Is the show better or worse without the call-in questions?

IMO, the show is better...

I like the format alot better. You get much more information rather than fans ranting at the coach . Bob can slect the best questions and the answers are usually quite informative.

It’s much better, you actually hear real football questions. Not cowards calling up and acting tough over a phone !

That got old really quick! I enjoy the show much more now.

I don’t think it is better or worse. It is different. It basicaly becomes a 30 minute interview with questions from fans screened and delivered by Irving. The show this week did not start till 7:09 ! Total content was around thirty minutes of sixty. Even broadcast TV gives you 42 minutes of content.

Is it more informative ? yes but is loses alll of it’s fan interaction and emotion with the exception of screaming drunks in the background. Any tough topics are now avoided or approached in “grey” language. It amazes me that Doug Brown can deal with any type of call with maturity and respect while the coach hasn’t got the chops to deal :slight_smile:

He didn't want to deal with people insulting him, than he fires back at the caller and the caller the whines to OB and the football club. This is a much better format .
Hopefully Calvillo has the chops to avoid going 1- 6 in Grey Cup games :smiley:

Calvillo will possibly play for four or five more years. How do you know he won't retire with 3 GC rings ?
Steagall ? Never won anything NADA, does that make him less of an athlete or person? Brown ?
As far as I know Calvillo has more GC rings than those boys...

There are ways to deal with bad calls without resulting to insults. Larry King did it live for years. Ted Teaven in MOntreal use to use sound effects and recorded sounds, he even had a voice over actress tell him to calm down and offer to rub his temples. There are magnuficent ways of dealing with adversity when you have a brain and confidence in yourself but keep harping at Calvillo and giving yur boy a pass for his porr behavior. Anwyay my post was a fair opinion to the original poster of the thread and you try and find way to derail it and trivialise it. You are so Coooool ! :rockin:

Tell me you aren't comparing Mike Kelly to Larry King...

ps...if you're going to invoke the name of the greatest receiver in CFL history...please learn to spell his name correctly... :wink:

You were talking about " chops " Don't whine, it's not cool ! :stuck_out_tongue: Don't post here ,if you can't handle the response ! Marcus Crandell has a better record than Callvillo, in Grey cups. I wouldn't go that route !

Sorry not a Larry King fan! I am more of a Rush fan.

....Clavillo probably has a couple years left,,,,don't see him getting 3 rings though....unless he joins the circus...Athony will have to move over at some point.....enter McPherson.....heh....all of a sudden the playing field looks a helluva lot more :lol: :lol:

If you think Bob Irving avoids giving Mike Kelly tough questions then you obviously don't know Bob Irving. If the fans don't ask them, he will.

Personally, I think the show is much, much better without the idiots calling in.

But that’s the whole question. Yes there was a problem with idiots calling in but instead of dealing witht it with seven second delays, ingenius ways and HANGING UP, they could have also done theme shows like one week take calls from kids only, one week from women only… CJOB shares part of the blame for running the show no question but they could have made changes without turning it in to a weekly media gig. Most of what Kelly said last night is stuff he said in the past week in the media scrums and after game interviews… Just too bad, instead of making the show better they just said the hell with it.

Irving is a standup guy but you see he’s going out of his way to frame the questions.

You're wrong about Irving framing questions. I sent in a question that was used one week and he read it pretty much word for word the way I wrote it (the only change he made was to condense a small, rather wordy portion of my question).

As for the idiots calling in, IMO CJOB has to take ALL the blame, not some of it. They have never used the delays, screening or hanging up as a way to keep the idiots off the coach's show even in previous years. Of course if CJOB had done that this year you know that some people would blame Mike Kelly for it.

....screening gawd....i can hear it all now,,,Clandestine would be the word used to 'frame' any talk about the BigBlue...Mke Kelly would have to start wearing a trench coat ...along with the dark glasses on the sidelines...I like it the way it is now......QUIET 8) :wink: :lol:

which is exactly why a quarterback’s Grey Cup record is one of the most useless ways of measuring their skill level possible. come on now.

For whatever reason, it seemed like it was the same few callers getting through every week too.

Huh he does wear dark sunglasses on the sideline :roll: :lol:

On the first show with no callers it was said that some of the idiots who had been calling were doing so well before the show started and staying on hold for 45 minutes and longer.

A 1 - 5 record in Grey cup games is a useful measuring stick. There is a problem, especially when your the favourite in most of them. The star players are expected to produce in the big games, they are paid to win Championships . May not be fair, but fair never matters in pro sports.
Back on topic, the coaches show is better than it was before. If people don't like the show, don't listen !