I was just curious about how the Eskimos are refferred to in Edmonton. I know on this site, a large percentage of Edmonton fans call them the mighty eskimos. I understand you are just trying to show your pride on the site, but do people really call them that in Edmonton. I can just imagine a conversation around the water cooler…

Just curious.

haha. I live in Edmonton and personally i've never used the term "mighty eskimos" or heard anyone use it, other than on these forums.

No they call them the Crappy Eskimos in Edmonton. :lol:

yaaaaawwwwwnnnn more inbred farmers trying to bad mouth grey cup champs..

look at the inbred edmonton fans who think they're teams good


no way yogi a teams fan's think there team is good lol..

Its called sarcasm. Oh wait, they dont teach you that kind of stuff in Edmonton. Its ok, I understand your pain. Have a Tic-Tac.

I’ve never heard them refered to as that other then on this forum. Actually, If I remember correctly, it was Imsaying who planted that seed. I think he had it in some kind of leet speak writing in his sig.

thats right EE, he always had that in his signature......wonder why he doesnt come around anymore...:slight_smile: under your skin did he warner?.....I didn't think that was refreshing to see you are so vulnerable......

.....Doc, hilarious editorial.......keep up the good work.......

.......BTW, eat crow all you stamp haters in the chuk who called us sissy here in cow town for bad weather delays......look at how your faithful scrambled for fear of ruining their perms from the rain.......don't let me hear again how the fans of the Mighty Eskimos will brave all weather conditions to see a game....don't say it........

Unlike idiots like Dr flies, not even fans of The Mighty Edmonton Eskimos expect them to go 18-0. Do fans of ANY team have such idiotic conversations "around the water cooler", like this inbred hick suggests, especially after a loss? I highly doubt it.

Oh well, just another jealous fool, suffering from Eskie Hater Syndrome, unable to come up with an intelligent argument. I feel sorry for them, actually. I mean, what else are they going to talk about around the combine? How long can you really talk about the 1989 Grey Cup game? It's gotta become boring quick. Inevitably, the conversation turns to their hatred towards The All Powerful Edmonton Eskimos. I find it rather flattering that our team takes up so much of the time and brain power of fans of other teams. They just can't help it.

The key difference, RedandWhite, is that when there is a chance of less than perfect weather, Eskimo fans actually show up to watch the game. I really don’t see the problem with fans heading indoors, when play is delayed due to hail and lightening. It’s not like they were missing any of the action. Wussy stumps fans won’t even show up, if there is a slight chance of less than perfect weather, and will leave 9,000 empty seats in a small stadium for their first playoff game in 4 years.

.....I dont' own a combine, but I have operated one before, so I guess you are half right.......

.....but now back to that editorial, that was pretty good huh?.......what I mean is warn, you have used that moniker many times here, so it must be part of your vernacular vocabulary, correct?.....

the eskimos are looking mighty right now, in the wet weather.

..sure they are, can't count out the GC champs......I know warn would agree but he's out putting on SPF30 sun block.....let's see if DD can make a game of it.........but first I need to start the campfire....I'll check back later for your reply warn, I know you'll be compelled to do so.....

:lol: :lol: Doc it effected him so much he changed it to all Powerful :lol: :lol:

What about those All Mighty Al’s :lol: :lol:

ppssssssstttt HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! :lol:


pardone me, I just saw the title.

always with the imbread that all you got? look all over the internet and get something new its old already.