The mighty Eski-Moses has an announcement....

...I know you've all missed my witty and insightful contributions...and god knows I haven't watched much football this season although I was begging for it to come for months...but Moses got engaged to the lovely Abigail last night on a sweltering night on a sail boat...but she won't take the "Moses" name...I wonder if she'll take the "Eski" name"? Relationshit, oops, relationship over? Perhaps some of the female posters' could give Mighty Mo some tips...

All kidding aside...I wanted to inform my CFL are all now in the may fire at :lol:

It's like a all ways say:

DIAMONDS that'll shut her up! .... for a minute!

I hope shes an eski fan moses.

congrats Moses, im too young to give you tips, but i wish all the luck

...........congrats EM, I'm off to a wedding myself today.......have a great life together........

Perhaps she'll knock some sense into you and you'll give up
the "Eskie" nonsense. Stamp_moses has a nice ring.

Congrats anyhow.

"Life"??? I was thinking a coupla weeks, tops!? Oh good lord, what have I done??


I suppose that the only flaw in your character is cheering for the Esks :wink:

In any case, congrats ... that's awesome ... and I bet it takes more balls than trying to return a kick with 12 guys looking to clock you ...

...okay, now I'm getting downright intimidated...where's the JD?

This thread reminds me of an Irish Rover-esque song I heard a snipit of in an old radio promo:

So tip the devil and take 'er,
I thank him for his pay.
I swear to God I’ll hang myself
If I get married again

Seriously, Moses, best of luck as you “walk that aisle” in the upcoming future. But if wore comes to worse and the marriage thang don’t work out, you can always hock the wedding gifts on eBay.

Now THAT'S advice..............

Just one question:

Who's "Eski-moses"?

i'll take a wild guess saying he is the poster who started this thread

3201132022 is correct...take a page, newbie....

There goes another sucker...oops I mean congradulations Eski Moses. May you end up with 35+ years with her as I've enjoyed with mine. As long as she lets you watch CFL you'll be doing okay! Now if she could just change you to cheer for a better team!...LOL

Again Congrads!

There is no better team than the Eskimos.


I hope you have a happy life together and teach your children to be pompous and proud Eskimo fans like we are, because you should raise them right, dammit!

Congrats Eskimoses my old pal.
All the best to you.
Long time no chat.Take care and may you have a wonderful eskielife together!!!!

Thank you all for the kind words. Much appreciated...and me and what's her name will have a relatively happy life together...

Kidding, I kid...Abigail is an angel, and I'm lucky to have her...all 230 lbs of her...okay, I'm sh*tting you all's 260...... :shock:

Hi Eski-moses- Sorry to tell you this but your new bride is a Rider fan- honest, she loves only the green and white, and, really likes Gainor!!
o.k.- I'm just kidding. Best of luck mate. May you have a long , happy and healthy life together, and , may all be blissful except when the Esks play my beloved Riders.

Here's to you,
Riders Rule
Esks drool!!

Oh, how the mighty have fallen! Congratulations, Eski-Moses! And to the lovely Bride-to-be Abigail. A bitter divorced man I know said in the last few months to someone who is getting married "Why don't you just save time, find a woman you hate, and buy her a house?". An interesting philosophy, but not one I'd recommend. I'm assuming in by your past postings, you guys both live in Toronto. If so, hopefully Abigail will convert you to a fan of the local squad. If she doesn't, and you remain an Edmonton fan, oh well. Congrats again, and all the best!