The Middle Third Review

....many coaches divide up the season into thirds, and look at their teams performance in those blocks as a temperature guage, hot or that the middle third of the season is complete, how did the teams do?....sort of a power ranking, even though I don't beleive in PRs by nature....

Winnipeg - 4 wins, 2 losses (8/12 points) - win win loss win win loss, anyone else see the consistency here, which is a reflection on the way the BBs have played, consistent. The trend is for the same, leading to a Eastern Final home game.

BC, Calgary - 3 wins, 1 tie, 1 loss (7/12 points) - Ties can come back to haunt or help, and for these two it hasn't been decided yet. BC seems to have weathered the storm of losing their first and second string QBs and will head into the final third of the season as the western leaders and destined for the playoffs. Will Calgary fair so lucky without their #1 player?

Edmonton, Saskatchewan, Montreal, Toronto - 3 wins, 3 losses (6/12 points) - A crossroads of equal records but four teams that are potentially moving in entirely different directions. Montreal and Saskatchewan come out strong but are faltering as of late, whereas Edmonton and Toronto all but written off a couple of weeks ago are making resurgences.

Hamilton - 1 win 5 losses (2/12 points) - same record as their first third, but with a changing cast of actors. Ticat fans hope the last third is not a copy of the first two, but a determined TO squad may be too far out of reach.