The mayor and his subsidized TCats (pictures)

Here is Fred playing BigShot at CANUS games brought to you by the subsidized Tigercats really...

Look at all those people coming by bus from all over, bet they can fit all those at West Harbour where they had a tough time finding a spot for a Taxi Cab drop off ! And surely all those Americans are not eating , fueling or spending any money in Hamiltion

Oh look , city using the TigerCats scoreboard and video screen for their event isn't that nice of those corporate welfare TigerCats to let the city use their stuff !

Nicely done.

Love the use of the scoreboard.

Hey Freddie...the City's scoreboard is at the other end of the stadium.

Pictures are worth a thousand words they say...

It is my understanding that the only reason the Ti-Cats are being subsidized is because of the stadium. And if there was a better stadium they wouldn’t need the subsidy. Am I wrong?

this really need to be addressed ..


The city owns the Stadium and must Maintain it ..

Oh, thanks a lot man. I'm from Ottawa so not clear on all the details. That makes a lot more sence than some of the things I've been hearing. I hope you folks don't give this gift of Federal and provincial money away.

True, but if the Ticats didn't need it, they would not be maintaining it. The city has said that every other event held at IWS could have been held in a stadium the size of the one at Mac.

It's not a subsidy in the strictest sense, and I agree wholeheartedly with them providing it, but it is an expenditure justified by the needs of only one tenant.

Yes and with that logic we don't need anything in this City - no wonder it is has the 2nd oldest population in Ontario. Nothing for young people to do. Too many old farts here with very old school mentality.