The Masters

Should be an interesting final round but I think Patrick Reed should win, McIlroy might pressure him though.

Maybe it’s time for the caddies to ditch those paint overalls or jail looking overalls/jumpsuits. To me having the caddies wear these things does nothing at all to enhance the prestige of the Masters. :-\

And the reason for the jumpsuits? It derives from the 1930’s when the club opened. The caddies were all mostly poor African American men, and the club founders and members wanted all the caddies to look “smart? and neat, and so they adopted the white jumpsuit.

Maybe wanting the African American caddies to just look more “white”? Who knows.

A little more detail on how the white coveralls became a caddy 'uniform' at the Masters.

In the 1930s and 1940s, Masters caddies usually dressed similar to the gallery, with a coat and tie, some type of stylish fedora or pancake hat and, for a few of these years, a simple cut-out number pinned on their back to identify the players from a corresponding pairing sheet. Some dressed like a farmer’s hand, with denim coveralls, or in woolen jackets and casual clothing. The dress was not standardized as even the hats differed; witness the tall, silk hat that Gene Sarazen's caddie, Stovepipe, wore in the 1935 Masters.

Therefore, with Augusta National having a penchant for the ultimate in presentation, it was determined the caddies needed to dress in uniform fashion to mirror the excellence of the course and grounds. Tournament co-Founder Cliff Roberts wrote a letter in 1940 where he was reviewing a photograph of a “uniformed caddy? for possible implementation for the Augusta National caddies during regular play and especially for the Tournament.

At first, Augusta National caddies wore a prescribed uniform of bluish denim topped by a green cap with a yellow button during regular member play and then transitioned to the traditional white uniform during Masters play in the early 1950s.

As for who will win today. Reed is playing very well but really did get lucky a few times yesterday getting good bounces off trees on a couple of errant drives on the back 9. On the 15th he got incredibly lucky when his second shot was short and right of where he was aiming and managed to not roll back down into the water. He immediately followed that up with a lengthy chip eagle. That was a minimum 2 stroke swing.

I think it helps those chasing him that he has never won a major and that his at one time 5 shot lead was down to 3 by the end of the round yesterday.I think if Rory can gain a stroke or 2 to get to within 1 or 2 over the first 9 holes it will be a very interesting back 9 to see if Reed can handle the pressure. The Masters can crack even the best players - just ask Greg Norman about that.

Don't count Rahm or Fowler out of it either if they play like they did yesterday..

At least Tiger Jeet Singh hasn't withdrawn due to injury. He seems physically OK but his game is scattered - he's spraying worse than Trump's mouth.

Lefty is looking old and horrid. He made the cut but is receding into the bushes (literally) and looks smoked. Prolly rallies today in a no-pressure environs and shows his wares - maybe a 68 or 69.

Tiger is actually doing well - for a guy who hasn't played in years. Just can't hit enough fairways - and his approach shots aren't very approachable. His putting is great one hole and then spotty the next 3 or 4 holes.

Should be able to chase down a Top 20, perhaps even Top 15 finish - by going 69 to 71 today. Probably needs a 68 to secure a top 15.

CBS sure went Lady Gaga on the Tiger, didn't they?

Canadian Adam Hadwin may be in line for a Top 10 finish - but he needs to shake off the double boogeyman finishes. Looks like gold for 8 or 9 holes in a row - THEN PLOP.

Barring collapses (always possible) today should boil down to a duel in the desert between Porky Reed (who's playing fantastic) and Boy McIlroy. McIlroy will bury Porky with his distance - I think Porky might need a 5 or 6 shot cushion when all is said 'n done tonite!

Well who knows all the ins and outs of behind the scenes with the caddy stuff at Augusta. It's Augusta afterall and we all know how Lee Trevino felt at one time.

Anyways, Porky, man what a game golf is if you're good, you can be Porky and not have to run at all or have anyone trying to hit you and you can make a load of cash. Next life I'm going to put in a request to be born with this skill set to the Person/Angel/Super String equation, Dark Matter etc. upstairs. :slight_smile:

I love the Masters. In my top 2-3 of events actually.

Rory doesn't show up today and Ricky will come a close second, it's Reed, he's stuck to them all today and I say he's the winner, the best player of week so far.

Hate those jumpsuits though, awful, reminds me of prisoners albeit all these caddies have a lot more money than I do, that's for sure, some are millionaires I would imagine, but interestingly no African American caddies like yesteryear when they were prominent at Augusta. Not sure what gives there??? Maybe a bit of "market discrimination" as per:

The Black Golf Caddy: A Victim of Labor Market Discrimination

Team Reed celebrates. Congrats, a major champ all the way!!! He stuck it in the face of Rory today, made mincemeat out of him, but Ricky was knocking, just not knocking enough.

Tiger who? Tiger, it's over buddy, over!!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

And forgot Spieth, gutsy great round, nicely done!

Watched it for the most part to include the finish, it was semi exciting.
Not to put a negative spin, but noticed yet again how TSN and the mother CTV network simulcast this tournament on both channels.
On top of the CBS station that more than 3 separate channels,while our CFL with the playoffs and every year exciting GC, can't get on the main network.
Fishy I say, call me a conspiracy theorist.

Well I understand why they put it on CTV - so they could simsub and catch all those watching on the CBS channel on their cable.

Not sure why they also put it on TSN too though - other than TSN did have earlier coverage than CBS so they perhaps did not want to lose any of that audience.

But to be honest anybody that is a Masters diehard enough fan to have watched that earlier coverage of the non contenders surely would have turned the channel when the network coverage started.

What a charge by Spieth today. One tree branch from potentilly having a shot at a birdie on the 18th that might have made things really interesting and tougher on Reed. The bogey instead killed his chnces.

Porky Reed deserved to win his first major title (at age 27)

Jordy Spieth could easily have shot a 61-62

With pressure off - Elder statesmen Elroy Woods and Phil Mickelson both managed to submerge under 70

The Little Man, Ricky 'The Dragon' Fowler has come a long way since he wore those ghastly orange prison outfits.

If you combined Bubba & DJ's brains you get a pea.

Anybody looking for some background info on Patrick Reed’s life should read this piece from 2015, very interesting that’s for sure!

How Patrick Reed Became Golf’s Latest Villain