The Masoli experiment is over

Neither have the Tiger-Cats...not sure I see your point...

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27 months compared to 3 weeks

pandemics and knee surgeries sometimes get in the way of winning streaks.


Sorry, somebody was taking a shot at my team.

Masoli is on your team.

Sorry again @Krisiun but my team won just three weeks ago and Masoli didn't quarterback them that night.

How many does Masoli have?

That's two more than Masoli has.

Harris gets to show what Grey Cup ring look likes to his kids, while Masoli has excuses to tell his kids on why he doesn't have a ring

Marino has no rings, so I guess he sucked


So then Masoli also could've had two Grey Cups if only Collaros and Evans had won.


The Elks are going with Cornelius over a healthy Harris. It's real as can be

dont be so sure he is all that healthy

Simple solution to that really for Masoli...just make sure you don't have any kids .


Too late, IIRC... LOL

Let's stick to football and stop the personal attacks, folks.

Masoli looked very sad today. I think he might be carrying the clip board now.

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Well then at least one of you is happy.

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Is there anything else in the world that causes you so much angst ? Give it a rest .


I wonder what Masoli does with his housing allowance part of his contract since he lives rent free in Garney's head . :thinking: :smiley: