The Masoli experiment is over

I just don't ever see him being a legit starter. Sorry Jeremiah.

I don't think anyone considered him to be a "legit starter".

It was always Masoli's job to navigate them to a .500 record or better until the "real" starter returns.

That's where they are.

"We're onto Vancouver" as they'd say!

No quarterback controversy here. Zac against BC?

It was way more than 7 starts into Collaros career and this place was screaming about letting Hank go.

Ham needs a lot more than Zach, everything was bad. Good Ham Bad Ham. :oops: :oops:

He said it himself -- He didn't play well.
It was his worst game of the season, but he didn't lose it all by himself.
His completion percentage last night was 8 points below his previous low of 66.7%. He completed between 70.4 and 81.6% of his throws in the other 4 games, and has a season average of over 300 yds. passing per game. I think his play, overall through these 6 games, has been better than most expected, particularly considering the, unnatural for him, "don't run the ball yourself" game plans. He's led his team to a .500 record and gained a lot of experience. Through the '15 playoffs and the 6 games this season, he's also gained respect, at least from this fan and, I think, his teammates as well.

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Not me I couldn't stand Burris, but I liked him better than Glenn!

Masoli is a capable back up

I agree with you on all points.

Masoli's effectiveness is likely directly related to coaching and preparation by other teams, and then in turn how well he responds to it. The Peg has his number, as did BC. Toronto and Edmonton... not so much.

Masoli is not a capable back up. A capable back up is a starter in the wings who's waiting for his chance to shine and prove he can one day start. Masoli has proven he's not that.

On the first pick six it was obvious that Mr Speedy Banks ran the wrong route. Speedy can break a game with his returns but more often than not he is a liability.

That pick 6 was a terrible awkward high pass that wasn't ever getting to Banks if he was where he should be or not.. He's also the only player that scares anyone on the whole offence, no other receivers here are winning any races

Jerimiah led us to two convincing wins this season against Toronto and Edmonton (both on the road). And let's not forget the eastern semi final last season.

The problem is that he has not had a lot of practicing or playing time until lately. With that lack of experience will come some inconsistency.

I am hoping that Zach will be back soon. However, he has not started in almost a year. And that has me concerned.

Not sure which is better right now!!

He is more than a capable backup QB...last night, I thought Austin was outcoached in the first half. Against Edmonton, Masoli was able to throw a lot of 3-step drops for 7-8-9 yards, especially between the hash marks...that was most of the 23 in row, and Edmonton was dropping way off on defense. When they started to come up to take the shorts away, Masoli threw downfield, which got Edmonton dropping off again.

In the first half last night, Winnipeg stayed up and left their corners playing man, so they took most of the 3-step drops away, and forced Masoli to wait for wider routes to open...and the way the O-line played, that was not gonna happen...Austin didn't start calling downfield passes until the second half...

Masoli has only started, what, 10 games? He was getting 4th team reps in practice last year (so maybe 3 plays a practice), so not much learning happening...when I see a guy doing what he did in the playoffs last year, and this year against the Argos and Esks, and in the second half against Montreal, it tells me he can do the job when prepared, and with more experience...Austin will coach him up eventually...

We are okay, backup QB, let's make sure we don't need him very much, O-LINE!!!!

I watched the game until half time.. The team stunk in all 3 phases. No excuses as Austin told them before the start.
Poor execution on all counts.
This team needs a gut check before the next game. We lacked the intensity needed to win last night. So, look at the film, make the necessary changes or adjustments for next game and then forget about this one.
Hey, we all hoped to be 500 by the time Zach came back and we are. Let's just hope that ZC can return to the form he had before the injury. It may take a game or two for him to get his stride back so defense and specialty teams will be even more important in the up coming games. :thup:

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With all the inconsistency we've had to watch from Masoli this year (and with Collaros coming back soon), I'm way more concerned with the play of our defence in the first half of games this year (save for the season opener in Toronto). No pressure from the D-line, opposition receivers being wide open, missed or sloppy tackling, plus some terrible penalties makes this defence look horrible. Don't know what the answer is but I can't believe I've had to witness it for five straight games now.

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What a shit show , unprepared by the coaching staff has to do a better job on getting this team in the same page , our new O co- ordinator calls the plays?!

Pssst Mighty Pope: Its called poor coaching/schemes and preparation. I now believe the defense/offence is given some generic line up to start the game, with the coaches promising to 'put in explicit plays when they figure out what the opposition is doing'.
Isn't Masoli a running/roll out QB? Why are they trying to keep him in a pocket? Will they do the same with Zack?
Too bad our 'set in his ways' HC doesn't believe in even enhancing the pass with at least 10-15% run plays, or at least screen passes. Keep them short and the chance of a pick 6 goes down.

I am thoroughly disappointed in last nights showing

Have to agree that this was at least in part, a coaching loss. Looked like the play selection was more suited to Zach than to Jerimiah.

The pick six was on those passes to the flat that I hate - 40 yard toss to gain about 5. Poor choice for a "proximity" passer like Jerimiah, especially to a part-time receiver like Speedy. Good pass for Zach to maybe Toliver, not for Jerimiah.

The fumble I saw as a strip sack. Little protection, too slow developing for a short passer.

Second pick was a tip, third all on Jerimiah. Or vice versa, forgot the order.

And why are we starting every series at our own 10? If our kick return blockers can't get it done without a hold or illegal block, let's change up some schemes, and more importantly, get Speedy running up field, not backwards.

Sure, Jerimiah didn't have a good game, but, like others have pointed out, we were out coached, out schemed, and most obviously out prepared. I think they expected a walk-over, and, as is our habit, came in flat and got burned. Badly burned.

Okay, we stink, stank, stunk last night, it was just bad. No excuses, throw it away
We are 3 wins and 3 losses and expect Collaros back, possibly next week. There is not a person here that wouldn’t have been thrilled to take a .500 record without our #1 QB after 6 games and Collaros due back!

We still have 12 games remaining, If Collaros can lead us to a 7 and 5 record over those remaining games we finish the season at a very respectable 10 and 8 and in the playoffs.