The Masoli experiment is beginning

Any Redblacks fans see him as the legit starter the team needs to turn things around?

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Mr. Mosoli is starting material, he will do well under LaPolice tutelage.

Bring in Speedy and maybe Andrew if not picked up in Winnipeg and a sprinkle from around the CFL's FA, draft well.

#Contender 2022


Massive upgrade at QB from last year for RB's!
The East just got a bunch more competitive!

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…definitely makes a 2022 RBs-Ticats game a little more interesting to watch..


I think it boils down to the offensive line. If they can keep Masoli healthy then Ottawa will do well.

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There were more than a few Ticats fans that were already cheering against Soli so nothing changes for them.

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It might be an improvement, but still think it'll be another long year for Ott fans


So far, I'd agree. But FA season can change things quickly. I hope Burke can bring in some more talent.

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Andrew Harris IF HE STAYS HEALTHY will give Masoli some serious options. Both of them on the field at the same time behind a good offensive line will run defenses into the ground. Harris knows how to bail out a quarterback in trouble with that ability to turn a relieve valve pass into a first down. He can block too.

We're going to miss him here in the 'Peg.


Masoli impressed me in the east final in 2015 . Before that event had doubts .

The guy seems solid .

I liked his character .

A good QB coach and /or OC who can change things up while the game is going on is the difference maker and could lead him and the team to another Cup run.

But hey if O'Connor is waiting around bring him in if Calgary doesn't want him . You need the pro positive vibes going after all the negativity surrounding the team .

Lot's of great signings so far .

Masoli looks to me like he would be a positive influence on the Canuck .

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Mosoli, Acklin & Powell all coming RB's way so far.

East is getting interesting, GC contenders, looking good.

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Nobody in HAM was "cheering against" Masoli .

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+1 for thread title :slight_smile:
Wonder if it will be as popular as the other team forum was

He has to be the starter, it would be absurd otherwise

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Powell returns to Ottawa :grin:

Has the "experiment" ended?

cheap shot idiot with no regard for the game takes him out and he celebrates on the way to the dressing room???

time for the league to something about this or we will fail as a league
Who wants ANY team to loose their starter to that kind of deliberate attempt to injure?

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I think just about every fan in the country--including Rider fans--agree with you 100% on this one.

I keep feeling like the Elks could help but having had Ford go down Friday. It sucks backside.

I know it doesn't help but sympathies....maybe the Elks will work a deal to help out since we have 4 qb's on the payroll....hope so but unfortunate all the crap around this keeps everyone's attention.

In my perfect world, the Redblacks would get local product O'Connor from BC. But let's see what Evans can do after watching the new offense from the sidelines for a month.

Here's an article advocating for giving the ball to Tyrie Adams. Maybe he can find some success for Ottawa.

Except greenandwhite , he's defending the clown on another post

I never defended the hit just pointed out that an equally dirty play by the Ottawa player is what set off a sequence of events leading to Masoli's injury. Zero attention given to that Boyd nut who gatored our star defensive end and broke his leg.

My only point was that people tend to be oversensitive and turn everything into a topic about race.. including that whiney Behar creep. Somehow that gets turned into a defense of Marino :confused: