The Marcel

Interesting move by Miller. Bringing in an external and experienced football guy to evaluate the offense. I like it. Its an unusual move but very smart. Miller owes the current staff nothing but he's not making any rush to judgement, planting TheMarcel in the football offices is a nice way to acquire some information, especially if the Marcel has no horse in the race.

I think he'll be consulting on more than just the offense, everyone is under Miller's microscope.

Probably, but Miller seems to like Burke quite a bit. Now if your thinking of bringing Glenn in the fold, might make sense to have a guy who’s got a relationship with him and has shown he can build an offense around him :wink:

I think Calgary would be crazy to part with Glenn now, Tate could be gone for the season and I don't think they believe Mitchell is ready to lead them to the GC yet?

Marcel B? Where is that story? that is interesting.
No I sure don't see Calgary trading Glenn. He's their MVP in many ways. And I sure don't see Glenn wanting to come back to winnipeg after he was humiliated by the org, many fans and media.

Nothing confirmed yet,

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What makes everything think Miller did this? Burke was talking about bringing in a consultant since before the bye week.

I've never seen success when a team brings in a consultant. Edmonton did it a few years ago and it was a disaster. Perhaps Berry in Montreal could be construed as being a consultant before the purge. Too many vested interests. I just cant see an unemployed football coach overseeing another coach's work and coming forward with positive reviews.
I do not see any way Crowton, at minimum, survives.

And if you believe the report it sure seems dysfunctional that an assistant coach goes to the GM to force a change in personnel against the wishes of the HC.

Bye bye Crowton or Burke ( what does Burke have left on his contract?)

If the Bomber offence stinks the joint out against my Ticats in the home at home series coming up, Crowton will be fired, and Buellefuelle will take over as OC. Buellefuelle being hired now as a consultant is just Miller's way of having an experienced guy on the payroll who can take over the O if Crowton craps the bed now, when it's all on the line. This is Crowton's very last chance to put enough points on the board to win a meaningful ball game.

And of course the other possibility is that in two weeks, after two more losses within their division, Burke himself gets fired, and Buellefuelle is the new HC.

....Marcel B.......hmmmmmm....Always liked the man....Some of his coaching in the hammer was suspect BUT you can't deny he certainly knows the CFL and has the experience needed.....Crowton is probably squirming a bit in his seat right about now....I think Bellefeuille will be coming in firstly as an advisor AND then proceed to take the reins of the offence... He certainly will be an upgrade to the offence compared to the futile efforts being made by Crowton at present...I like the immediate decisions being made by Wade Miller... Finally someone with some sense running things..That's what's needed if we hope to salvage any part of this season...Looking forward to see Marcel in bluengold... :thup:

Consultant = HC or OC/DC in waiting.
There is no doubt how Burke is toast at the end or even before the end of the season.
So presumably Marcel has been hired with a long term picture in mind and to evaluate the talent for next year.

Right about now if you want to change the colour of the Gatorade, you would be wise to check with the new boss. Might be Burke's idea but it went through the hands of the new boss.

Gotta agree with this. Would be nice to see him get a shot.

It was Saturday afternoon when the tweets from various people in the media started saying the Bombers are about to announce it. The Bombers would only make an announcement like that after a contract has been signed and registered with the CFL. It takes more than one day to contact a person, negotiate with them, prepare the contract and send it to them, have it signed and returned and then send it to the CFL. Miller met with Burke after he was hired and in all likelihood Burke told Miller the deal was already done and Miller said okay.

I hope Miller does a great job but giving him credit for something he likely rubber stamped is ridiculous.

I wonder if Quinton Porter will follow Bellefeuille to the Peg, the way Dinwiddie follows Berry around?

Possible as well. He did prefer Glenn to Porter but if they can't get Glenn, Porter might be an alternative.

Well, there's almost certainly going to be some openings at QB soon.

Being a Leaf fan and living through the Ballard era, what's happening in Winnipeg seems mundane... I'm all for hiring more Canadian coaches and staff and have said so for years. Yes the Americans know football, but over the years it seems our most successful coaches and GMs have been Canadian. Knowing the Canadian game and the university game gives us an upper hand. I like Burke and by all means give him a chance to succeed, but I think we need more Can. faces in the running of the CFL and the Bombers.....The Leafs haven't won the Cup since 1967, 1990 doesn't seem that far away in comparison. Plus the Bombers have been to the big dance more than a few times since then.

Marcel B's challenge I think will be to evaluate the guys on the field on offense and see if the offensive woes are personnel or scheming. Once they have a firmer grasp on what needs to be changed, whether it's Crowton, a QB coach, a some new players in different spots they you'll start to see changes, which will probably be in the last 1/3 of the season. On the defensive side I think Burke still has enough respect around the offices to evaluate the talent there. Talk of a consultant as BlueBlood mentioned was put out there by Burke weeks ago. Marcel B surprises me a bit in that I thought he was tied to the Ottawa group but is not a bad choice. The question is who does he report to? Does he work with Crowton on the playbook and the playcalling deficiencies? Does he just evaluate things and report directly to Miller and maybe Burke? If Crowton doesn't show rapid improvement in the way he understands the CFL game I could see Marcel impressing enough to take over as OC as early as later this season. It's sad to say but even if they go another 1-5 in the next third of the season, if they close out the last third with a 4-2 record for 6 wins on the year, they could still finish second in the east the way things are shaping up, or third. I don't see Edmonton crossing over. They've had good performances in back to back weeks against MTL and Ham, but it's against MTL and Ham and they've come up short on the win against each. They play most of their season vs the elite teams in the west and I don't think they match up well. I think eyes are all now squarely on Crowton and the next 4-6 games will be huge in determining if he stays or is shown the door.