The Manziel Game: Johnny Football vs the Banjo pickers.

There are five categories and you get five points for every answer you get right for a possible total of 25 to 30 points a game.

You lose a point for every one you get over or under so if you put Antonio down for two TD passes and he get’s one, you get four points, he gets 3 you get four points. He get’s zero, you get 3 points…

Question four: You get five points if you guess correctly, none if you guess wrong.

Question five is the Bonus question. If you pick the Als to win and they do you get 10 points if you pick them to lose and they win your minus five and if you pick them to lose and they do you get five points.

1- How many sacks will Johnny take? (number)
2- How many TD’s will Johnny pass for or run in himself?( Number)
3- How many interceptions will Johnny throw? (Number)
4- Will Johnny get pulled (injured or bad game)?(Yes or No)
5- Will the Als win the game (Yes or NO).


Marc1234 100 points+14 points=114
Of Course 84 points+20 points=104
Tony 71 points+21 points=92
StangBang 76 points+15 points=91
Spud Webb 91 points+NP points=91
HFXTC 61 points+21 points=82
Sea Fiddle 66 points+13 points=79
JohnnyTCS 51 points+22 points=73
CahoonRules86 52 points+15 points=67
CFLinQC 31 points+21 points=52
Bobo 25 points+21 points=46
Dlaw 24 points+20 points=44
Cletus 20 points+NP points=20
TheGhostJM 0 points+16 points=16
CFLPhotoGuy 5 points+NP points= 5

1- 6
2- 1
3- 3
4- N
5- N

1 - 4
2 - 2
3 - 0
4 - No
5 - No

1- 4

2- 1

3- 1

4- No

5- No


Wow . I'm kinda shocked , only 10 minutes to kick-off and only 5 entries so far . I might just win this thing with these odds . ;D
1- 6
2- 1
3- 3
4- N
5- N

LOL…Well, the way to win is make the calls after the game is over. That’s in line with the way a lot of people on these forums decide if the coach knows what he is talking about…


I put this up fairly late this morning, so anyone has till the end of the first quarter to get their picks in…Enjoy the game.

First sack. Think I will change it to 5. ?

I got everything but missed the sacs by one

I forgot to play this week!

Me too.

Stick with it. I missed on a few weeks back.

Congratulations to this week’s winner Sea Fiddle who was off by one sack of having the first perfect score of the season.

Sea Fiddle 24 points
Tony 22 points
johnnyTCS 22 points
HFXTC 20 points
Bobo 20 points
Spud Webb 17 points


Marc1234 114 points+DNP points=114
Tony 92 points+22 points=114
Spud Webb 91 points+17 points=108
Of Course 104 points+DNP points=104
Sea Fiddle 79 points+24 points=103
HFXTC 82 points+20 points=102
JohnnyTCS 73 points+22 points=95
StangBang 91 points+DNP points=91
CahoonRules86 67 points+DNP points=67
Bobo 46 points+20 points=66
CFLinQC 52 points+DNP points=52
Dlaw 44 points+DNP points=44
Cletus 20 points+DNP points=20
TheGhostJM 16 points+ DNP points=16
CFLPhotoGuy 5 points+DNP points= 5