The Manziel deadline has come and gone without a deal. Do you care?

More sanctimonious BS.

Once again, the rhetorical question must be asked: Who among us has never punched a woman in the head so hard as to cause hearing loss, threatened to kill her, then refused to apologize to her or admit any mistakes even as we claim to have reformed our ways?

I didn't think so.

Hughes' rights are worth a 4th. Start there.

Now that is dry af. 8)

The Cats will never trade Johnny to an Eastern team, He would have to be flipped
to land in montreal. And if we trade him to a Western team we won't get much.
So he will rot until he decides to join us.

Nope, don't give a crap. I would have been interested to see what he could do in the CFL, but just that, what could he do. Lots of other QBs out there without all the baggage.

As you have seen in the last week flipping a player to an East or West team does not make that his final destination.
Ask Calgary and Edmonton how that worked out for them?

Johnny who?

Thanks for the poll Grover.
It may not be scientific but it's enough to convince me sanity is alive and well on this forum.

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Who Cares !

That's what I meant by flipping.(trading a player from one division to another and
flipping him back to his original division)
And as I mentioned the West probably would not give us much for Manzeil knowing
that they have no used for him.
I would think that the Cats will let him rot until he decides to sign.

I never did care about the deadline, because there wasn't one.

But I do care about Johnny Football being our starting quarterback.

Get this deal done!

Hey Grover:

I like the nickname you gave Manziel…

Johnny ROT…

This will get done. Just a little posturing going. Just a part of the negotiations process.

And Johnny Rot is ALL about the posturing....He's been pretending for a long time that he is a real quarterback....