The Manziel deadline has come and gone without a deal. Do you care?

If he did people would be raging at his obvious insincerity. Hes so fake. Does he expect us to believe him etc. etc.

In answer to the question.. No. Don't care about the deadline since It's only Feb.

What I do care about is the lack of depth at QB should Masoli struggle or be put in as bad a situation that Zach was... We don't have a plan.

Manziel COULD be the solution. We should always be looking to better the team.

Agreed. If Masoli gets injured, we're in trouble, Manziel or no Manziel.

All of this money that the team could make from Manziel is ONLY possible, IF:

First the team gets his name on a contract.

Secondly, Manziel has demonstrated, even at the NFL level. that he is lazy and unmotivated. So, he needs to bring his game to training camp.

Thirdly, he needs to accomplish more when he is here than he did in Cleveland.

Fourthly, if he does manage to get on the field and play well, he could be gone within the next couple of years.

That's a lot of maybes

Based on his history and current attitude, I doubt many will looking to put considerable money down on a jersey with his name on it.

Tweets are one thing. Taking hard earned money out of your wallet is quite another.

P.S...I was the one who commented that Brandon Banks earned his opportunity for selling product with this team. Ask any Tiger cat fan who they prefer between he and Johnny and it will likely be NO. 16.

They know what Brandon Banks has accomplished.

The other guy is just a name in the news.

And solely a product of his OWN PR machine.

You hit the nail right on the head, my home team.

Not at all. All hype and in his career he has never shown the ability to be able to compete at the pro level. I personally prefer if he was never signed at all.

I wonder if Johnny was signed as a second stringer and team went on a losing streak like last year; at what point the haters demand that Johnny start.
After 0-4, 0-8 0-18? Never.

A Manziel jersey for someone who is expected to be here 1 maybe 2 years? Not an investment I would make.

I really hope that Manziel stops using Twitter to promote himself. Does he think he is Trump? Not working for Trump either! All Manziel’s Tweeting does is aggravate fans! Message to Johnny: Just shut up, sign up, show up when called upon and your $ will follow. But for god sake Johnny, do something for this team, for this league, first!!!!!!

If there is a God.....NEVER!!

Just so we are clear, your hatred for Johnny is greater than the love for your team? You' d rather have them lose the entire year rather than give them a chance to win?


Re: Manziel giving the Tiger-Cats a chance to win.

Wow. That's a huge assumption...starting from the fact that Johnny M may never even play with the team.

I think at this moment we have the QB talent and Johnny would be a distraction and detrimental to this team. I do not believe Johnny has the mental capacity to help us win games. I don’t like player with his social media bravado when there is no substance to his attitude. It’s like Trump continually telling us how great he is.

Do something first then brag about a comeback season! Until then, Johnny just shut up!

But the head coach says Manziel will be the best player ever to play in the CFL. Does he actually believe that or was it something he foolishly blurted out after too many Mai Tais on some Hawaiian beach?

Either that or maybe he was smoking some of the stuff that was found in Duron Carter's luggage at the airport. ;D

Starting to look like it's the Ti-Cats or Montreal for sure in 2018 . Everyone appears settled with their QB situation .

With Adams at least the Cats have some bargaining chips as they have a game plan with two QB's that can play within Jones system .

Manziel now has the number one spot all to himself in Montreal if the Cats want to trade his rights .

It looks like it's the best spot for him if he wants to start right away . Should be interesting .

Ernest Jackson would be a good trade or grab the newly acquired Patrick Lavoie ?

If Johnny's rights were traded to MTL, I would like to see

2019 1st and conditional 2020 1st if signed. if not let Johnny rot

Johnny Stupid would be a perfect fit in Montreal . He'd probably feel right at home considering that since Kavis took over the Alouettes he has successfully morphed them into the CFL's version of the NFL's Browns . He would definitely be the undisputed #1 ringmaster of Reeds Travelling Sideshow Carnival and Circus Act . Top it all off with Freeman already there he'll have a built in ready to go partying buddy who also flopped in the Big Boy League .

Let's face it ,Montreal has way BETTER nightlife then what Hamilton can offer as well . Hell , once Johnny sees all the Night clubs and Strip bars he'll think that he died and went to heaven . Old Johnny will be back "Lost in the Sauce"once again in no time at all .

Yup , so let's make it happen , Kent , Eric get Kavis on the Bat phone pronto . Throw in a bag of used footballs if you have them , a kicking tee , whatever it takes BUT speed dial the Great Gazoo and let's make this deal a reality .

Because it's time.....

So let's do it .

" Let's Make Montreal Great Again" . ;D

I was all for giving him a chance, but now I don’t care. If he does end up here I will support him, but I am now happy with masoli and adams.