The Manziel deadline has come and gone without a deal. Do you care?

The deadline has expired, does anybody care?

I would rather spend that $200K on F/A Dionte Spencer

This has been just a publicity tease by Manziel and his sidekick to keep his name in the news and try to generate interest from other organizations.

He has no intention of coming to this league.

Bye Johnny…it’s been a huge waste to know ya’

Honestly have never seen in my life so much hyperbole and total BS that's gone into trying to sign a guy to be our 2nd string QB . Quite frankly I've had it up to here when it comes to this effing little jack off and his carnival sideshow . Johnny "football" ? more like Johnny "Kardashian" . Screw him and the horse he came in on and while we're at it screw Ti-Cat management if they actually do end up bending over , lubing up and signing this One Trick Pony to a contract .

Bobo, I'm not sure, but reading between the lines, I think that you're not one of Johnny's biggest fans. 8)

Who me ?? Nah , I love Johnny !!! ;D 8)Doesn't everybody ?? 8)I mean just ask Johnny yourself . He'll tell you just how much everybody "Loves" him on Twitter , Instagram etc etc . :-*

It was just a negotiation tactic - as many of us pointed out at the time.

As for whether or not people care? Not about the deadline passing - but about Manziel?

Well over 16,000 views of one thread started just 3 weeks ago on the Ti-Cats board and over 9,000 views of the other Manziel related thread would certainly seem to indicate a lot do care enough to check out the threads about him.

No other recent topics on this board come close to those numbers.

98% of those views are by djrobertson, lol.

LOL !!! Hey , he's just keeping us all informed and up to date ;D

Curiosity is not the same as a caring interest.

Are we po’d because Manzeil didn’t sign, or because we failed to sign him? And in direct answer to the question, I never did care. All I want to see is a competent 2nd stringer, able to step in and manage the game, just like Jeremiah did for Zach. Doesn’t matter to me whether it is Manzeil, or some other guy.

If Jeremiah goes out for an extended period, then we are in the same pickle as about 8 other CFL teams? Give or take one, maybe two.



I find it hilarious that YOU would call Manziel a One-Trick-Pony! Oh, the irony....

;DWell , I saw someone else mention the phrase in another thread(I think it was also about Johnny ? ) . Funny thing is I can't remember who exactly said it ? :DAnyways it's nice to know that I amuse you there Billy boy and give you a chuckle from time to time . Keep on , keep on Billy the Dee and just remember , humour is the best medicine . 8)

Superficial deadline. Didn’t mean a thing. Johnny will be coming, there’s been just too much hype and discussion about this guy and from this guy. He likes the attention and he is drawn to it. Ok all aboard the Johnny wagon!!!!

All sizzle no steak, has all the ego of Casey Printers but on steroids. I feel like the guy and his agent lack the overall self awareness to see this offer as a positive career move.

I don't care if he ever puts on a CFL uniform, there are other QB's sitting at home ready for a chance to shine.

Obviously more Manziel threads are needed.

And more guys who place the same post on every Manziel thread?? :wink:

The so called deadline was a bluff by his agent hoping the Tiger Cats would respond to their ridiculous demand. I am more conerned at signing Tasker, Dean, Shorthill, and Laurent. However, I would think they would like to sign Ted but he will probably test the market. As far as Johnny Manzeil, set aside the maximum amount of money they are prepared pay for his services and forge forward and get the best possible players available. I like Grovers idea, forget Manzeil and sign Spencer.

I would just like to see him admit once he is considering playing in Hamilton. It's his dirty little secret.