The Mannings: Football Cops

I don't know if you can link to this up there or not, but if not check via Google. It's been a long off-season with likely a delayed season anyway to come:

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"I guess no one told him that justice is a team sport"
"What does that mean?"

hahaha good stuff.

Well, I did get a chuckle have to admit.

"He knows what it means." :slight_smile:

Damn what a raw deal, and no one knew back then a few months before the season. "What could have been?" comes to mind.

Eli is a top QB now under the elite and is clutch, so at least we have him to watch well into the playoffs I think.

For the Colts, I am tired of hearing about who they will draft for most of the season already.

eli is the reason why I want everyone else in the league to beat the giants.

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This one is well worth a repeat as Eli Manning has his best season ever and is even better in the clutch than is Peyton Manning as unbelievable as I thought that conclusion was by Peter King only a few weeks ago.

The offseason law enforcement training sure paid off for Eli, so I am of course looking forward to the sequel.

He's proven that he won't need the moustache too.