The making of a CFL quarterback -- great article

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Particularly intrigued by O'Billovich's comment that he sometimes makes US college QBs throw from the far hash mark across the field to test their arm strength. The CFL field is wider and like he said, if you lame-duck a screen to the wide receiver, it's probably a pick-six waiting to happen.

Obie is correct with his tests..

you need a stronger arm to play in the CFL than in the NFL.

any QB can throw down the middle 20 yards on a dart to the receiver.. but when you gotta throw 50 yds across the field to the open receiver, and get it to him NOW!! and it floats in the air, allowing the DB to go get it, you're not made for the CFL kid!..

many of these NCAA QB's are not good enough for the CFL because of their Lack of Arm strength!

Also, the article correctly points out that in the CFL, a QB has to play to win, not to avoid losing. Up here, simply managing the game isn't enough. You can't just hand off to the running back and throw screens all day long. You only have two downs to work with and thus you need to make something happen without, as Matt Dunigan states, doing something stupid.

It's funny that both O'Billovich and Popp frequently have to deal with U.S contacts who recommend quarterbacks to the CFL only because they're fast runners. In actuality, you won't go far if you can't throw an accurate ball, speed or no speed.

Very good article! Great post D&P!

I dont think you can understate what was said about the QBs coming out of big name colleges being pandered to their whole careers...QBs from big time schools or NFL cuts that come here with a sense of entitlement are often shown the door pretty quickly!

Fantastic article. Remindsa us that far too many big-name qbs come up here and expect things to be handed to them. Mr. Mcpherson in Montreal needs to be patient and produce when he does get the chance.

yup, these guys are pampered in the US colleges and learn 1 system. they come to Canada to a foreign game and they don't seem to get it.

Totally don't agree here, for it takes far more than a solid arm to succeed at the pro level in any league. See thread above referenced with which perhaps this thread ought be merged.

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Great article. It's true too that in the CFL you need to pay your dues far more than down south. If you're not an expert at understanding what's going around you, you cant cut it. Like a previous poster said, you can't play not lose in the CFL. You need to play to win.

Agreed. I'm not disparaging NFL quarterbacks. I just think the NFL is a different league that demands different things from its signal-callers.

I think you aren't completely understanding what I'm saying.

the biggest thing that the coaches and scouts look for when they want to find a potential CFL QB is arm strength and their ability to read the defense, then quick feet and stability in the pocket.

I can guarantee you if the QB has a poor arm, he won't last very long at all.

if he has a strong arm, they are willing to give him a shot and they'll try and get everything else up to par.

the reason so many don't make it up here is because they have trouble grasping the 12th man and they can't adapt to the quick plays.