The Main Reason The Stamps Are On Top

There are a few , but this is at the top of the list.


He does not get hurt. He never gets hurt.

As ALL other teams QB's have gone down the last 3 years, BLM has been injury free.

This will continue and he will not get hurt.

Then the O-Line. They give BLM all the time in the world.

Further, BLM has an amazing fast release. One of the fastest I have seen.

No time for the D to react or catch him.

And when BLM goes down then what?

BC has beat them once, came close the second time, so they are not that far ahead as you are lead to beLIEve, not to mention EE took them into OT tonight. Other teams are starting to get better down the stretch, so Cal may not be so lucky down the stretch and they may continue to the choke in the PF's, but time will tell.

He does not go down. He never gets hurt.

The only concern I have is the Stamps have a 3 week layoff before the West Final.
That long break could hurt.

Last year the 3 week break helped the Esks only because the Stamps were so banged up , they had nothing in the tank.

You know Brian, you just might have jinxed him! :smiley:

Calgary is good because they are foundationally super-solid as an organization. The succession plan from Huff to Dave Dick seems to have transitioned successfully.

BLM is easily the most rounded QB in the current CFL. I don't think their line is that superior to the second best CFL oline but Mitchell knows how to work around it and with it.

Receivers don't drop as many passes as other team WRs do. Helps when the ball is delivered on time and into perfect windows.

That and getting extremely lucky that Brenda Taman and Champ Chamblin decided to dispatch Jerome Messam into their divine hands - especially after their last all-star RB (also Canadian) had to be tossed out with the garbage!

LOL Lucky LOL you should do stand up comedy!

Because they are a heck of a team!

I take it being rounded is a good thing?

If BLM goes down, they plug in Tate, and the offence probably wound't skip a beat.

They have become the model CFL franchise since Huff took over in 2008. Great coach, gm and recruiter. The rest of the league probably wishes he would retire tomorrow.

Now even JOHNNY knows there is no such things as jinxes in sports :lol:

However, I will inform JOHNNY that I do have a major concern about the Stamps.

They have a bye on the final week of the season.
That means a 3 week break before the West Final.

Now last year, that 3 week break helped the Esks because the Stamps were so banged up they had nothing in the tank.
In fact the Stamps were so banged up they pulled the team bus into the stadium handicapped parking stall.

Time will tell.