The magic number is now 1

One more win by the Als or one loss by the Bombers and the Als clinch 1st in the East

Cool. Great game again. AC distributed the ball across the back field, also great return for Cobourne with 125 yds rushing and a TD. Defense allowing no TDa speaks for itself, individually they are not showing such great numbers but they were on the field for a very short amount of time anyway. I like Jamal Richardson, I think this guy brings a lot of energy in that team, however, someday he's going to drop one of those 1 hand catch (almost dropped the one today and he could have used his 2nd hand) and I hope its not gonna be during a Grey Cup final...

If they clinch, hopefully Brady get's in and tosses the ball around for a bit.

When they clinch Id rather see them go pedal to the metal and get the best record they possibly can go into the playoffs with a head of steam and not look back. There were 3 guys that played QB for the als today calvillo should get hte bulk of them for the remainder of the year. In the past when the als got off to their great starts theyd get complacent lets not let that happen again


I disagree. Calvillo, Chiu, Cahoon are all in their mid-thirties, Cobourne's ankle is still not 100 percent. To lose any of these guys playing a couple games against Hamilton would be tragic to their season. I am not saying to park the guys for six weeks but you can do things like play Calvillo for a half. Rest Cobourne for a couple weeks. Avoid throwing to Cahoon down the middle.

Trestman will go all out anyway. He has a plan and he will execute it. These six weeks allow the team to add lots of hidden stuff to their playbook and continue to improve timing. Calvillo, Watkins and Cobourne are also in the mix for hardware an milestones.

So no need to worry about Trestman changing anything.

I guess the trick is to find a balance between resting to avoid injury and staying sharp. Keep in mind that should the Als finish first, they will have a bye week to rest. I kind of like the idea of the regulars playing for at least a half (or getting a min # of reps in per game) until the end of the season. However, it looks like in order to keep this team focused, Tresman may play all the regulars until the end.

I don't want to nitpick, because it was a great win today, but a few things:
I hope Boulay is okay. He looked like he got horse-collared after he made the INT in the fourth quarter, something, incidentally, that Chris Smith has thus far failed to do at safety this season. Ditto Hendrix, who appeared to be injured late in the third quarter.

Why do we have long stretches each game when we forget about the run? The offense comes out of the gate passing only, and we get nothing done. We get Cobourne involved and he rumbles for close to 100 yards by halftime. His reward is to be virtually ignored until well into the fourth quarter. Milanovich and Trestman have done a tremendous job with the O this year, but this temporary amnesia concerning the running game has been one of their failings all season long.

Defense playing way too soft again on 2nd and 10. At this point, I really think it's a scheme problem, because the personnel are all solid (except Cox, who got absolutely schooled today; no surprise Miller decided to pick on him on isolation routes). Why on earth are we playing soft zones in second and long? It's pitch and catch for a decent receiver to find the soft spot, settle down, and wait for the pass, because the QB has all day to wait for the receiver to get open. I'd like to see more stunts and tricks on second down so we're not just dropping into vanilla zone coverage.

Damon Duval is making me crazy again. I don't care what the weather conditions are, you HAVE to make field goals that are well inside your range. Congi was perfect on the day from every distance.[/list]

Well, everyone is entitled to their opinion.

I agree that there is something wrong with Duval lately but as for the rest of the game, it's hard to complain about an offense that scores 37 points against a very good defense. Conversely, hard to complain about a defense that does not allow a touchdown for two consecutive weeks.

I am not surprised that the defense played the way they did. It's normal to play a little more prevent defense when you have a big lead.

I agree with you discipline. But, as long as they don't give up touchdowns, I'm happy. Montreal played soft, but when it came to defending the End Zone, they did a fine job these last 2 weeks.

Duval, I don't know what's happening? He started off nailing everything, then now, he's missing every 2nd Field Goal. Hope he get's his swag back, because I'd hate for him to miss a last second field goal that would put us in the next round of the playoffs, or worse, to win the Grey Cup.

On the plus side, Hendrix seems to be fitting right in at halfback, while Ferri looked reenerigzed after the one-game hiatus. And I just love that we're becoming a team to be feared in short-yardage situations, which is pretty amazing when you consider what a bunch of smurfs we are on the D-line and at linebacker.

And my Favorite Play of the Year Award goes to the play-action/bootleg MacPherson play on 2nd and inches that brought us inside the 10-yard line. Absolutely brilliant playcalling from Milanovich/Trestman. With Cobourne already established, play action got the rush ends flowing left, giving MacPherson the lane to boot out to the right, out-run the angles, and pick up substantial yardage. We totally caught the Riders napping on that play and I love it. It's the kind of play we'd never have seen in a million years last season with Bellefool as O.C. You can't get a better microcosm of how much our offense has improved from last year than with this one play.

That was a nice play but I gotta give credit to Hunt( I think it was Hunt) on the direct snap on the fake punt!

Dressler flinched and you could see Hunt shift over to the right because he saw it comming!

I believe it was Hill who saw the move and shifted. I agree though...nice heads up play! :thup:

Yes you are right it was Hill.....I got the "H" right! :lol:

Yes, kudos to Hill for sniffing that play out. I still can't believe how effective he is at linebacker considering his small stature.

That should be Easy....You have Hamilton twice! :wink: :wink:

Yep...the Als' biggest problem now will be complacency. I have a feeling that after this weekend, there will be nothing left to play for before the Eastern final so they need to find a way to remain focused.

From all accounts though, it looks like Tresman is going to make sure that they stay sharp.