the lummer

hello to all blue and gold faithful. i'm crossing over from tiger-cat nation just to point out that for the rest of this potentially successful season you're having you've got one glaring weakness "THE RUN D"
you had no answer for the L TRAIN.-better known as the lummer. 118 yds in the first half on 8 carries.
211 yards rushing on the night. barrin was overmatched by a cdn. running back last night and should lightning strike and the ticats turn this thing
around and play the bombers in nov. ,i'd be a little worried that's all, cause the D looked good and jason
shut alot of the tiger-cat nation up last night.

that's all
                 CITY LEGEND

Thanks that was very insightful. We all thought that the run D was suberb last night.:roll:

We still have one of the best D-lines in the CFL. One bad night. No worries.

city ur overlookin our problem. cam hall, and ian mckinley got lit up and u completely avoided jenkins (good call cuz he would have murdered u). but our run-d is strong our d-line had a tough game against what seems to be a tough o-line. once our secondary starters are back we will be strong again. and the first lummer td was back up mckinley covering the run gap cuz he doesn't know what he is doing.

But that won't change the w for the tabs. so congrats guys always nice to get win #1. and as i_believe says no worries the d-line will be back in gear next week.

Bout goddamn time you guys got up off the matt. Now try stringing a couple wins together and making a race of it in the East. :wink: