The LULANATOR comes through!

Did you see that?? 400+ yards from the man when we needed it most! Talk about steppin'-it-up! How about Arceneaux? Don't know what he rubbed on those hands, but it was good and sticky. Thank goodness the offense came through though; Lions still have a lot of work to do on pass-coverage. Franks looked brutal, and what's with Otis Floyd??
Well, I'm not much of a horse racing fan, so...time to do some chores until 4:00 pm. Canucks at 7:00 against Detroit! Could this day get any better?? Men, we may end up sleeping on the couch tonight, but the sacrifice may be worth it :slight_smile:

we have to keep informed. its for the best.

Best game yet for the new Lions QB, over 400 yards passing and just one turnover on a throw he tossed a bit late over the middle. As he gains more confidence he'll be able to pull the trigger a little faster on plays like that. If we can improve our run blocking a bit we'll have a good balanced attack if, and that's a big IF we get to play next week in Regina.

You have to give a lot of credit to he Lions for rebounding from a brutal start. With a little help from the Green Riders they to have chance at getting to the post season.

Whatever happens in the Saskatchewan-Edmonton game, the Lions have made big strides in the second half of the season and are peaking at the right time. Much credit goes to the coaching staff and Roy Shivers for filling the many holes that injuries created on the offensive and defensive lines.

If we can keep the current group of guys on offence and defense together for a few more years, and improve our consistency on offence, we will be in position to compete for first place in the west next year.

Go Lions Go.

And Go Riders Go, but just for this week.

-Dooger in Surrey :rockin: