The luck of the Irish!!!!!!

[i]HEEEEEYYYYYYYYYYYY Bomberino fans! Now that O'Shea is your head coach; will the Bombers have the luck of the Irish, or will the team vomit in a ditch after binge drinking and keep losing?

It's time to get some green in the blue and gold! Can a 4 leaf clover remove the curse of Joe Mack? [/i]

....Be careful when you mention green around here....Now the money colour and the Irish colour I's the neighbouring team I have a problem with...*(heh heh thought I'd start things off right going into the west again')..I believe O'Shea will lead us to the Cup at the end of the rainbow... :thup: begosh and begora :lol: don't mean "Kelly green" do you? I think we've been there. :roll:

Better luck in 2016?