The lowdown on the Zeke's trade etc.

The Comedy Football League

Southern Ontario neighbours
try to outdo one another

with a sequence of who's-on-first events

Steve Milton The Hamilton Spectator
(Sep 10, 2008)

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I think, if there hadn't been some friction between
Denny Creehan, and his all star MLB, Zeke Moreno

no trade would even have been contemplated.

That's the part that hurts about this whole thing.

"I can speculate all I want," Moreno
told the Spec yesterday.

"I don't want to be quick to judge,

but [i]certain people

weren't fighting for me in Hamilton[/i].

You have to go where you're wanted
and Winnipeg wanted me.

"Bob just told me it was a business decision.

They were struggling up front, and felt
they could do with the backups (at MLB).

"With the new system this year,

I know the transition was slow
under (Denny) Creehan's new system,

but I think I was OK.

I don't know if they weren't happy with my production,
but think I was OK, my statistics speak for themselves."

[Cornelius] Anthony, who will
immediately replace Moreno on the field

but will take some time to take
his place in the hearts of fans,

played under D.C.Denny Creehan in Calgary.

He was a MLB at Texas A&M but in
his three years with the Stampeders,

he was a WILL linebacker, filling in occasionally
when middle linebacker Brian Clark was hurt.

"The middle is my natural position,"
Anthony said yesterday,...

"I think I have leadership skills,
which I'll show more now.

I do it by example. I'm not Zeke,
that's for sure, but I will be myself.

"Zeke was the face of this defence."

We know.

And so does everyone else in a town
where he had become hugely popular.


Obie was backing up his D.C. vs a player.

but as I said before...

after the Tom Canada deal fell through,

I would have told Zeke,

'I am sorry this happened.

I would like you to come back.'

I am still on the fence about the Tom Canada deal.

I loved the title of the article, brilliant, I'm done with this league, I'm done with my tickets, and done with the Ticats, it's all a joke.

I am not Very Please Either
The Good News is the Ticats get 1 more year from me.
This due Discount we should be getting.
after that ifthey don't make playoffs
Buy I will few Detroit Lions Tickets take the via to watch the Lions

In Fact I am start new blog about Being Lions Fan

If I had to choose between Creehan and Moreno, I’d choose Moreno in a New York minute. Creehan desn’t appear to be much better than the clown we had before him. Very little growth to speak of.

Sorry Tom but the Lions are the NFL's version of us, poorly managed for a decade and a half mind you.

So would I.

Creehan was fired in Calgary last year for running the league's worst defence. Why anyone would have expected a different result in Hamilton is the question.

They let him go for his own saftey...

You mean Wes Lysak was promoted to D.C. last year
and now he is back playing safety and coaching, too?

It's a worse circus in Calgary

than it is here in Hamilton. :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Good one!

"O'Billovich said the team wasn't shopping Moreno and, he added, there was no conflict between the player and the coaches." - Hamilton Spectator

the bottom line on all of this is that Hamilton got screwed here through no fault of their own.

Moreno for Canada is a fair trade, and would have made the Cats better. We all know the pass rush is brutal, that need was greater than the need for a middle linebacker, who are much easier to find.

If everything had happened as planned, it would have been good for us.

Not OBs fault Canada would rather not play football than play in Hamilton, and not his fault that the guy has a dangerous spleen condition that only comes out after the fact.

OB wasn't hoodwinked here...he was screwed.

When are we going to get a manager that not a mark for the rest of the rest of the CFL (sorry Mark). :oops: